• May 27, 2024

What Melania’s Former Housekeepers Just Revealed About Her Will Change Everything You Know!

These stories will only prove you wrong about how bad you think about the Trumps.

“The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump” a book written by Mary Jordan, has been booming after some context reveals how bizarre and organized family Trump is.

Jordan, the author, made sure that all of her contexts are legit and not compromised as Fauci does in his documentary film.

A revelation made by these two former undocumented employees at Trump’s New Jersey golf course confirms that Melania Trump was respectful and seemed to appreciate their work.

Victorina Morales and Snadra Diaz have shared their stories working at the Bedminster mansion and confirmed that Trump’s bedroom was located on the second floor, and Melania and Barron also had their suites on the same floor. Melania’s suite had a room where she would get her regular massages. That’s classy.

Morales has worked at Bedminster from 2013 to 2018.

“It’s a strange marriage, I never saw them as a normal family, sitting together at a table, eating together, talking. Never, never, never. They spend time in the same place but they don’t interact.” Said Victorina Morales.

Morales also said that “Trump would spend his day golfing, then would have dinner and lunch at the clubhouse. He would sometimes join Melania and son Barron in their residence, where he would sit on the couch and put his legs up on the coffee table. Melania would be busy on her computer, while Barron would sit on the floor playing a video game or watching TV.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Diaz who worked from 2010 to 2013 at Bedminster also stated that “Melania sometimes seemed “sad” or “burdened,” and that she thought Melania had an “insulated” life at Bedminster. She rarely had friends visiting, and would spend her days on her computer, and at times with Barron and her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knauss.”

Diaz has confirmed that Donal and Melania had very specific instructions about how they wanted their spaces maintained where servants were only allowed into the mansion after putting on latex gloves and blue cloth shoe covers.

While the former 1st lady requires white and pink roses be placed on her table and was advised: “to leave perfect vacuum tracks in her white carpet and not to touch the six cinnamon-scented candles she kept near her computer.”

Although the pressure working for the trumps are pretty normal, housekeepers also revealed that the most challenging part of their jobs was cleaning Melania’s bathroom because her tanning spray washed off in the shower, and they had to “make sure any traces were removed from the white surfaces in the bathroom.”

It’s not bad after, if they can give respect to their workers, they have been giving that to American people too.

Source: America Now

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