• June 19, 2024

What They Did To A McDonald’s After Being Refused Service Is…

After two women allegedly missed a breakfast deadline, morning hunger allegedly led to the utter damage of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The video was uploaded last week to YouTube and shows 2 women throwing chairs and hitting a man with a broomstick.

The footage, reportedly taken from within the McDonald’s located on 52nd and Chestnut Street in Philadelphia on November 3, shows two women verbally arguing with two men by the door of an eatery, then cuts to one of the female’s warnings, “I will smack the shit out of you.”

The McDonald’s interior was trashed with items dangling from the ceiling and trash strewn all over the floor.

Women Destroy McDonald’s After Being Told They Missed Breakfast
Being told she was too late for breakfast caused this pink-clad woman to go nuts. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

The women seem to direct all of their anger at a man, who deflects a couple of chairs the women try to smash over his head. One woman is successful in hitting him with a broomstick that appears to shatter upon impact.

It’s not clear if the man is a security guard or another McDonald’s customer.

The clip then cuts again, and a man is seen picking up a chair with his right hand in order to presumably hurl it as the altercation intensifies, but two McDonald’s employees rush him and remove the weapon.

Soon after, though, the clip abruptly pauses and resumes with one of the women swinging a broomstick over the head of a man.

Although the footage is choppy, the barely one-minute-long clip continues with both women picking up chairs from inside of the dining room and tossing them at the man, then breaking the aforementioned broomstick in half by cracking it over his head.

A second man appears to be the first person to pick up a chair in the video — possibly instigating the incident — but he is stopped by a McDonald’s worker.

The video then jumps forward as the women start fighting a man who does not fight back.

“Goddamn!” a man off-camera is heard exclaiming.

After barely a minute, the clip ends with the women gone from the restaurant, and in their place a mess of wildly strewn McDonald’s furniture and foodstuffs. The footage has since gone viral, accumulating over 866,000 views in under 10 days.

“It happens a lot at McDonald’s, but if you want breakfast before 10 o’clock then I personally think you should cook your own breakfast,” one woman who saw the video explained.

As of Thursday afternoon, the video has nearly 900,000 views. No arrests have been made, according to WWOR-TV.

Watch it here: Jake Criscuolo/Youtube

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