• April 15, 2024

What This Soldier Saw When A Welfare Rat Walked To Her Car Will….

It seemed like an ordinary shopping trip, but he had no idea that he was about to leave the supermarket in such a rage.

Patrick Gibson is a soldier in the U.S. Army, so he knows a thing or two about paying his dues.

Patrick was at a local grocery store to buy a few food items and diapers for his family with the spare cash he had from his paycheck, He walked through the aisles, carefully selecting the specials and best buys, doing calculations in his head all the while. Maybe he could buy a little treat for the family today.

Patrick Gibson
Patrick Gibson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

When Patrick is done picking his needs, he pushed his meager amount of groceries to the checkout line and waited to be served.

However, when he noticed the two full carts of food the couple in front of him were buying.

The couple that stood in front of Patrick looked like a normal married couple that earns quite a lot. This notion was triggered by the fact that the couple had two full carts, and two full carts nowadays cost a lot. This would have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the thing the couple paid with.

Patrick Gibson
The photo posted by Patrick Gibson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

With their load of loot packed and ready to go, the number on the screen flashed a staggering total of $800, which wasn’t surprising. Patrick watched the man pull open his wallet, push aside a wad of $100 bills, and fish out his EBT card.

An EBT card, or electronic benefits card for those who don’t know, is an electronic food stamp system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a payment card. And this is what the man was using to pay for all of his luxury items.

Patrick was in a rage, but he bit his tongue and snapped a picture.

The couple who had bought $800 worth of groceries were loading their loot into a brand-new Hyundai Genesis, a car which, according to Patrick, sells from between $15,000 to $20,000 more than his own family’s car.

He uploaded a picture of his own shop to Facebook, putting it side by side with the cart belonging to the couple in front of him.

He wrote: “The picture on the right is of the purchase in front of me in line. If you can’t tell in the picture there are 2 full buggies of groceries including such items like steak and some other very nice choices of food.

“Here’s the kicker. This purchase was made in food stamps.”

“I just thought I would take the time to tell this person/family that you are very welcome from all of us hard working/struggling to buy food Americans that have to foot the bill for your fancy steak feast while I skip breakfast and lunch every day [so] that way my wife and children have food to eat every day because $50-$75 dollars doesn’t go very far,” Gibson finished.

“So, you enjoy your $800 free grocery purchase.”

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