• June 21, 2024

When The Other Inmates Heard What He Did To An Eight Year Old Boy, They Unleashed Total Hell On Him…

When justice seems absent, even the darkest corners of society may step in, sparking a brutal reckoning within an Oklahoma prison.

The dark underbelly of our society reveals some heinous criminals, who not only target the vulnerable but choose the most innocent of victims. They destroy lives, causing untold damage and grief. In one such instance, an inmate in an Oklahoma prison took matters into his own hands, seemingly correcting a justice system that had failed to deliver satisfactory retribution for a young victim.

Anthony Palma, a 59-year-old inmate, met a ghastly demise at the hands of his cellmate, Anthony Palma The events unfolded on January 11 in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, where both individuals were incarcerated. Palma’s violent end was due to a brutal beating and strangulation, a macabre testament to the rage of his cellmate.

The medical examiner confirmed that Palma’s death resulted from “ligature strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head.” It was a chilling reminder that violence, even within prison walls, finds a way to exact justice when the system falls short.

Only two years earlier, Palma had started serving a life sentence for a haunting 1997 cold-case murder of an eight-year-old girl. The young victim’s body was never discovered, causing untold distress to her family for years until the authorities tracked down Palma and linked him to the crime.

The 35-year-old Pillado, Palma’s cellmate, is serving multiple life sentences for murder and an intent to kill charge, among other convictions.

The prison administration reported Palma’s death last month but withheld the motive behind it. The brutal killing of Palma, although seemingly an act of jailhouse justice, was still murder in the eyes of the law. The Department of Corrections now believes that Palma’s horrific crime against an innocent young girl was the likely motive behind his killing.

“Those who are serving time for victimizing children, they are definitely more vulnerable,” remarked DOC spokesman Matt Elliott. This statement underscores the grim reality of prison life, where even hardened criminals have their own twisted sense of justice.

Palma had been convicted of the murder of Kirsten Hatfield, a child from his neighborhood. Advanced DNA testing had linked him to her disappearance. Palma had kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed the girl to eliminate the evidence of his monstrous crime.

Authorities had planned to interview Palma this year, hoping to finally locate Kirsten’s remains. Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes lamented, “We’ve not had closure on this case, and we may never have closure because we wanted to find her body and bring her home.”

Despite the death of her daughter’s killer, Kirsten’s mother, Shannon Hazen, vowed to keep hope alive. This heartbreaking tragedy continues to reverberate, a stark reminder of the horrors some individuals inflict on society.

The family has endured an unimaginable ordeal since Kirsten’s disappearance and presumed murder. But with Palma’s death, there’s some solace in knowing that the monster who ended their innocent child’s life will never harm another child again.

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