• July 23, 2024

Why These PVC Pipes Are Stuck In The Ground Will Tear You Apart…

Under Biden’s administration, the border crisis is far worst than we can imagine.

The graves of unidentified migrants expose the horrific toll of Biden’s border crisis: PVC pipe crosses with “John Doe” markings lie in Texas cemetery as the death toll hits an all-time high of 782 in a year.

A TikTok video shows at least a dozen sunken burial plots where undocumented immigrants were buried in graves marked with “PVC pipe cross.” The recovery and burial of the bodies of undocumented migrants crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the U.S. have led to a record number of migrant deaths in the fiscal year 2022, including 782 along the southern border, with 53 dead outside San Antonio, Texas, according to Fox reports. The heated tractor-trailer and the 30-year-old who died in September.

The viral TikTok video of the scene that gain thousands of views, claims that the migrants buried are those who drowned while crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas.

Although the video caption claims the Webb County Medical Examiner’s Office is at capacity, the county’s public information officer could not confirm the information, citing that the medical examiner is out of the office.

The temporary markers show the logo of Memorial Funeral Chapel, and public records show Rito Valdez III is tied to the business’s operations. On multiple occasions, a local media outlet tried to reach out to the owner to set up an interview. Initially, we were told by employees that Valdez would be out of town for the rest of the week. However, that was not the case.

More details from AWM:

The number of migrants dying during their illegal crossing into the United States has skyrocketed this year under President Biden. Back in June, dozens of migrants passed away after getting stuck inside a tractor-trailer truck that was stopped at the border. The temperatures inside the truck reached a fever pitch, and the migrants hiding inside perished from the extreme heat.

In the month of September 2022, thirty migrants died along the Texas border. This brings the total number of migrants dead in the fiscal year of 2022 up to 782, with only a few days left in the month to add to the total. In the fiscal year 2021, only 557 deaths were reported.

Cemetery workers have plans to replace the PVC crosses with metal ones. Maverick County Judge David Saucedo said that a local individual contributed money toward the crosses for the graves of the unknown migrants who died trying to cross the Rio Grande.

“I believe it’s a humanitarian thing,”the judge said.

Watch the viral TikTok video here: TikTok/Video

Source: AWM

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