• May 27, 2024

Woman Has 90sqft Apartment, But When You See Inside You’ll Be In Shock! [WATCH]

When you rent an apartment in New York, it’s all about location – and Felice Cohen’s 90 sq ft apartment is in the midst of it all. Central Park, Lincoln Center, and restaurants galore are all within walking distance of Felice’s apartment building. So, with such a great location at only $700 a month, you have to give up something…right?

Welcome to Felice’s 90 sq ft Upper West Side home! Not much larger than a child’s bedroom, she manages to fit her entire life into the micro-studio. How can that be? Well, fortunately Felice just so happens to be a professional organizer…and organization is exactly what you need for a tiny-living lifestyle!


Watch below:


Felice utilizes every inch of her 12 x 7 ft space. Her “bedroom” is a loft-style bed with a ladder, she’s nixed her closet door, and managed to find a way to have a kitchen in a kitchen-less apartment.


She even creates art masterpieces from home! Ironically so, it’s shrinky-dink art, which may be the only kind she has room for. Although some may have a difficult time in such a small space, Felice couldn’t be happier.


After all, when you have all of the amenities of NYC just a stone’s throw away…what else could you ever need?

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