• July 24, 2024

WOW! A Pro Life Flight Attendant Just Got A Major Win For…..

Southwest Airlines has fired former flight attendant Charlene Carter from her “dream job” for expressing pro-life views. Carter battled the airline and Union for nearly six years.

And now she’s making headlines for her back-to-back victory! 

According to a recent report, a federal court has ordered Southwest Airlines to reinstate Carter, after the company terminated her after she objected to the use of union dues to fund political causes that go against her deeply held beliefs.

The Former flight attendant was fired in 2017 after she sent emails and social media messages to the then-president of Transport Workers Union Local 556 Audrey Stone. Carter told Stone she was “despicable” for attending the pro-abortion Women’s March in Washington DC, according to the lawsuit.

In Carter’s opinion, the union shouldn’t support abortion rights. Her lawsuit alleged that the union and the airline violated her free speech rights by terminating her.

According to TGP, Carter posted on Facebook at the time:

“This is what you supported during your paid leave with others at the Women’s March in D.C.,” Carter wrote in one Facebook message to Stone, according to the lawsuit. “… You truly are despicable in so many ways.”

Back in July, she made her first major win and was awarded $5 million by a federal jury in Texas. Now, she got a second major court win.

A Texas judge ordered that she be re-hired by Southwest Airlines.

Epoch Times has more details about Carter’s second major victory:

A Texas federal judge has ordered Southwest Airlines to reinstate Charlene Carter, the flight attendant who made headlines after a jury ruled that she was unlawfully fired for expressing pro-life views and for criticizing her union.

“The jury also awarded front [or future] pay, but Carter would rather have her job back,” the judge wrote. “The Court reinstates Carter to her former position … If the Court opted for front pay over reinstatement, the court would complete Southwest’s unlawful scheme. Reinstatement is appropriate.”

Further, the judge explicitly ordered Southwest and Local 556 to share the jury’s verdict and Starr’s decision with all members of the union via email and to post the documents in conspicuous places for a 60-day period.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Epoch Times

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