• July 13, 2024

Wresting and MMA Fan Donald Trump Just Revealed His Favorite Ring Entrances…

It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump is a massive fight fan — even the staged variety of fights.

While Trump and his casinos have long been associated with major boxing events, the former president has also shown the love he has for mixed martial arts as of late.

And that love has been reciprocated. Just look at the hero’s welcome Trump received at UFC 290 earlier this month:


But before Trump was ever president, or even sniffed political office, he was as notable a supporter of WWE — staged “professional wrestling,” for the unfamiliar — as you would find in the public sphere.

And that support for WWE doesn’t appear to have wavered whatsoever, at least based on a recent appearance on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, with co-hosts Matt Sera and Jim Norton.

The episode, which dropped Monday but was recorded prior to UFC 290, covered a wide range of topics, including what entrance music he would use to enter a hypothetical big match fight.


“I heard you’re really into music, is what I heard,” Sera said. “That’s the rumor.”

“I like music,” Trump responded.

“Now, if you were to fight, let’s say in a different universe, you were to fight, what song would you come out to?” Sera asked.

Trump initially offered a rather cliched answer, before pivoting to more fantastical entrances.

“I think that, well, ‘We Are the Champions’” by Queen, Trump said, before noting that the song is “played so much.”

After the conversation briefly pivoted to legendary boxer Mike Tyson and WWE’s head honcho Vince McMahon (both of whom are reportedly close friends of Trump’s), the former president specifically called out the entrance of WWE legend The Undertaker as one that left him in awe — and with a little bit of stage fright.

“It was one of the greatest entries into a ring ever, where the Undertaker comes into a ring,” Trump said.

Trump then recalled when he “fought” McMahon in the “Battle of the Billionaires” at Wrestlemania 23 back in 2007. The stipulation for that match saw both Trump and McMahon picking a representative to fight on their behalf, and the winner would get to shave their opponent’s head.

McMahon’s proxy lost, leading to one of the most surreal scenes in all of entertainment:

“Just before me was the Undertaker fighting [“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Dave Bautista], and it was incredible,” Trump noted.

The former president added: “I said, ‘Vince, how are we going to beat this? This is not good to follow this fight.’”

For the morbidly curious (pun very much intended with regards to the Undertaker), here is the entrance that had Trump questioning following the act:

The whole podcast is worth a listen for any fans of the former president.

It was a rare appearance in which the GOP 2024 presidential frontrunner did not discuss anything political.

In fact, through the 38-minute podcast episode, Trump touched on topics such as the Undertaker, baseball pitchers, aging, Aaron Rodgers, legendary boxing matches and so much more.

Nary was there a mention of the 2024 primary and general elections, nor was there any mention of the 37 criminal charges currently facing Trump.

Nope, this is just 38 minutes of fighting — again, both real and staged — fans waxing nostalgic.

The former president of the United States (who also happens to be in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame) just happened to be a part of it.


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