• May 27, 2024

This Kamala Moment With Reporter Will Make Your BLOOD BOIL (Video)

I don’t know what is worse, the lack of competency of President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

What is even worse is how Kamala Harris responds in front of the cameras. She always seems to say the wrong this at the wrong time and today is just another day.

When arriving to an airport she is asked a question in relation to the Afghan crisis and she startles everyone by LAUGHING.

Watch Below.

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In a newly-unearthed part of a chat with reporters filmed as Harris prepared to depart for Singapore late Friday, the Vice President displays her infamous nervous laugh before flying to Singapore for an official visit, the Washington Examiner reported.

‘What’s your response to reports of Americans-‘ an eager reporter says over the jet engines noise.

‘Hold on, hold on, hold on,’ Harris said before the reporter could finish.

‘Slow down, everybody,’ she said after a big laugh.

‘I want to talk about two things,’ Harris then said. ‘First, Afghanistan, we couldn’t have a higher priority right now,’

Because the reporter was never allowed to finish her question, it’s not clear what she was going to ask Harris specifically. However, it sounded like she was going to ask Harris about the Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

The video of Kamala laughing was shared hours after Joe Biden laughed when questioned by a reporter about his poor performance in a new poll during a White House press conference about the Afghan crisis and Tropical Storm Henri.

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