• June 15, 2024

The Bunker They Found Under This Airport Is Absolutely BONE CHILLING!

When I was younger, I lived in a town that used to have a military base in it that has long since closed. Because of this, the town was apparently a target for attacks during the Cold War.

This meant that there were underground bunkers and things like that built into buildings that were, curiously enough, built during the 1960s. Long after these facilities were rendered obsolete, I had to go in and clean out some stuff in some of these underground bunkers and it was the creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I cannot imagine something like that under an airport…

The airport was built in the middle of nowhere despite having a perfectly good, functional airport 19 miles closer to the city. The construction of which went way over budget. And in flatlands they moved about a third of the earth they moved to build the Panama canal.

Coincidently located 120 miles from Cheyenne Mountain, a well-known government underground survival bunker, which is linked by a tunnel to the airport 120 miles away.

Inside the airport, you will find very strange disturbing paintings. Especially disturbing for an airport. A place where you would think the designers would choose calming images as nervous travelers board airplanes.

Instead, the sculptures and paintings show the end of the world, people living in basements, refugees above ground, and a man with an eagle and an AK47 killing the dove of peace. Burning bushes and people in coffins.

The art shows the true purpose of Denver International airport. An underground shelter to escape what is depicted in the paintings. The end of the world.

Why put these clues in the airport? They want people survive who have certain types of perceptive skills. It is not a bad idea to build shelters for any type of natural event. Or as depicted in the paintings forced destruction of the planet. You Might be Living in One of America’s Death Zones and Not Have a Clue About It! Watch the video below:

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