• June 13, 2024

A Cop Retired After 23 Years, Her Retirement Letter Was Absolutely Scorched Earth…

Jessica Taylor handed in a letter blasting the left-wing authorities of her once-great city as she quit her position as a Seattle police lieutenant.

Taylor left a scathing note criticizing Police Chief Adrian Diaz, Mayor Bruce Harrell, and the Seattle City Council for plunging Seattle into “anarchy & chaos” when she retired from the Seattle Police Department on August 1 after 23 years on the job. She didn’t just fill out the customary exit interview form.

Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM was given Taylor’s 15-page, full-frontal attack on the city’s inept administration, and she spoke with him about her issues.

“I wanted to go out with the truth,” Taylor told Rantz on his radio show.

“Chief Diaz, let me tell you, the state of the Seattle Police Department and this city is a disgrace,” she wrote in the letter. “The toxic mix of the Seattle City Council’s absurdity, the spinelessness of the Mayor, the leniency of the prosecutor’s office, and your failed leadership has accelerated this city’s downhill slide straight to rock bottom. The problems were already brewing before you came on the scene, but since your arrival, it’s been a free fall into anarchy & chaos.”

The retired officer added that extremist city officials have “lost touch with reality, making decisions that defy common sense and basic logic.”

“Their priority is playing politics and pandering to radical ideologies rather than genuinely serving the city’s and its residents best interests,” Taylor said of council members. “Their absurd policies have turned Seattle into a playground for anarchists and criminals, and they seem utterly unconcerned with the devastating consequences of their actions. If you haven’t noticed, the criminals are running this city.”

Harrell was also criticized by Taylor for not having the “courage” to challenge his own City Council.

“Instead of taking decisive action to protect the city and its citizens, the Mayor ignores the rampant lawlessness on our streets,” she wrote. “It’s a disgrace to see a city leader prioritize political correctness over the safety and well-being of its people.

The ex-cop continued to bemoan how Seattle is currently experiencing a “perfect storm of incompetence and chaos” due to the council’s leftism and questioned how authorities are not ashamed of their mistakes.

“It’s no wonder Seattle has become a laughingstock of the nation and the globe,” Taylor said. “They are laughing about us on the international news. Aren’t you embarrassed? I am. It’s mortifying. The city that once prided itself on progressiveness and prosperity has now become a hotbed for crime and anarchy.”

She said the “radical” city leaders care more about “pandering to extreme ideologies than actually governing.”

“Instead of taking decisive action to protect the city and its citizens, the Mayor disregards the rampant lawlessness on our streets,” she wrote. “It’s a disgrace to see a city leader prioritize political correctness over the safety and well-being of its people. Listen, Seattle deserves better, and it’s time for a complete overhaul of the leadership that has driven this city and state into the ground.”

Trigeminal neuralgia is a persistent medical disorder that causes sporadic but intense facial pain, according to Taylor. She requested a medical exemption from the city’s vaccination requirement because she was concerned that the COVID-19 vaccination would make her condition worse.

However, Taylor said that the department punished her by suspending her without pay rather than granting her the exemption.

Additionally, she said that the “defund the police” movement supporters on the “radical City Council” had ruined the department’s morale.

“SPD is dangerously understaffed, and the officers and their families are suffering,” Taylor wrote. “The hours are ruthlessly long, and due to the staffing crisis (created by you, the mayor, and the council), these unsafe conditions are entirely unacceptable. Completely. They have also been working for years without a contract — Also unacceptable.”

According to Taylor, Seattle is becoming more hazardous as a result of the working circumstances she and her fellow officers are being forced to endure. She claimed that she would be unable to retire quietly without protesting the devastation of the city she adores.

She closed her letter by saying, “You offered me an opportunity for an honest exit interview, and here it is. I will always stand up for what’s right and what I believe in ……..even if I am standing alone.”

Other cities are also being affected by the same idiotic policies, even if Seattle is undoubtedly one of the most extreme illustrations of how leftism is particularly detrimental. Dangerous woke policies are also having a negative impact on Chicago, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Portland, and a great number of other cities.

In addition, just like Seattle, these cities’ police forces are severely short on personnel as officers retire and applicants turn them down.

Because of this, living in a big city has become unsafe for the normal person, and as radical, left-wing politicians solidify their positions, there is no hope in sight.

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