• July 17, 2024

Liberal City Trying To Sweep What They Did With Illegal Alien Money Under The Rug….

Due to Joe Biden’s porous border, Chicago has spent more than $100M on the care of the illegal immigrants who have come to the city. However, the government won’t be transparent about how the money is being used.

In May, the City Council voted $51 million in aid for illegal immigrants as Chicago burned with rife crime and violence. It was discovered in July that the majority of the money, $47 million, will go toward hiring staff for shelters that take in illegal immigrants as they enter the city.

Nevertheless, despite investing millions of tax dollars in the situation, Chicago citizens are still unhappy with the way city officials are allocating their funds.

Residents of Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood are dissatisfied with the state of their neighborhood and complain that illegal immigrants harass them, and violence is also on the rise there.

Migrants are being sheltered in police stations because of the city’s overwhelming population.

Now, CBS 2 reports that the Chicago Office of Budget & Management has rejected the request for transparency despite a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request being made in February asking how the city has spent more than $100 million to care for incoming immigrants.

CBS 2 reports:

At an April City Council hearing, Adl. Ariel Reboyras (30th) testified, “One of the estimates I’m seeing is we average about $7,000 a month for each migrant seeking asylum.”

CBS 2 has been trying to get what should be public spending records from the city to see what companies and organizations are being paid and how much they are getting paid for various services. Is each new arrival really getting $7,000 worth of care every month?

In February, CBS 2 filed a request for records under FOIA with the city’s Office of Budget & Management. FOIA requires the city to turn over public records. After months of delay, the city denied the request saying there were no records.

In the end, CBS 2 took the case to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, which repeatedly requested the city to answer the FOIA request but the city continued to refuse.



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