• June 19, 2024

A Fish Jumped Right Into His Open Mouth, Then It Got REALLY Weird….

When a fisherman from Thailand, opened his mouth and one of the fish, which was in the water, jumped out and went straight through the fisherman’s mouth and was said to be stuck.

As it tried to escape through his nose, the spiny freshwater Anabas fish became caught between the unlucky angler’s throat and nasal cavity.

However, the spikes were causing serious internal damage, and when it was ultimately removed, it was drenched in the man’s blood.

On May 22, doctors at Phatthalung Provincial Hospital were taken aback when scans confirmed his incredible narrative was real.

An x-ray revealed a five-inch-long spiny fish inside him, according to the team.

The five-inch fish was extracted after an hour of operation involving two physicians and three nurses.

“Our doctors worked hard to minimise the damage on our patient’s organs,” Hospital officer Sermsri Pathompanichrat said.

As the fish tried to wiggle out of the fisherman’s mouth by traveling through his throat, it was eventually taken out.

“They have successfully saved the patient,” Pathompanichrat added.

Spiny freshwater Anabas fish

It was coated in the man’s blood when it was removed because it had slashed and torn up his insides.

Just before the unusual episode, the unidentified patient told doctors that he had been underwater spike-fishing with a harpoon. When he came up for air, he stated the fish jumped into his mouth and opened wide for a large inhale.

At the same time, the fish leaped from the water’s surface and slid directly down his throat. The fish had become lodged in his mouth and was squeezing his windpipe. Onlookers noticed him gasping for air while holding his throat and hurried him to the hospital.

The fisherman was treated and is presently in stable condition, recovering from his operation wounds at the hospital.

Sermsri Pathompanichrat said, “‘The chances of this happening are very low. I have never seen this kind of case before.”

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