• June 15, 2024

A Homeless Man Saved A Baby On The Street, And He Just Got Some Excellent News…

One sunny afternoon in Southern California, a precarious situation was unfolding when a baby stroller spun out of control and careened toward bustling traffic. Enter Ron Nessman, a homeless man just stepping out from an interview at Applebee’s, who risked everything to save the tiny passenger from an oncoming vehicular nightmare.

Despite being unemployed for a long stretch, Nessman had the wherewithal to spot the harrowing incident. He saw the baby’s great-aunt in a desperate pursuit of the rogue stroller, but she stumbled and fell, unable to intercept the imminent disaster. Without missing a beat, Nessman did what any self-respecting hero would – he dashed in and snatched the infant from the path of speeding cars, narrowly averting a tragic accident.

After his daring rescue, Nessman was all smiles as he shared with NBCLA his good news. He had been offered a job at the very Applebee’s where he’d just interviewed. Marking the end of an eight-year stint of homelessness, Nessman would now start a new chapter, as a dishwasher, earning his living one scrubbed dish at a time.

Nessman was all gratitude, saying, “I’ll earn everything I get, so with that in mind, you know, I appreciate the opportunity that Applebee’s has given me. It’s really cool.”

At the Applebee’s location, the manager corroborated Nessman’s employment, making it clear that the man’s bravery was not a factor in the hiring decision. Emily Canady, the general manager, sang his praises: “He’s a great guy, and he was a great candidate, and he’ll definitely fit with us here in Team Victorville at Applebee’s.”

News of Nessman’s gallant deed resonated with people far and wide, prompting them to start online fundraisers to give him a boost. But Nessman politely declined any monetary help, choosing instead to forge his own path to prosperity.

In anticipation of his new job, Nessman couldn’t contain his excitement. “I gotta come to work tomorrow and I can hardly wait to start doing what I do, you know what I mean? It’s going to be a good feeling,” he said.

Unbeknownst to Nessman, the footage of his heroic act had gone viral. His moment in the spotlight only came to his knowledge when relatives from Florida and Missouri reached out, having seen him in action on television. Nessman’s chief concern, however, was the well-being of the baby and her great-aunt.

Nessman recalled his vantage point on a bench at a car wash when he noticed the stroller veering towards the busy Bear Valley Road. Propelled by a gust of wind, the stroller was headed for potential disaster.

Reliving the heart-stopping moment, Nessman told KCAL News, “I didn’t have time to even think about it. You just react. I heard screaming to the right, she said. And I look back, and I see a stroller going down the driveway, and my heart dropped.”

At that time, vehicles zoomed by at fifty-five miles per hour. Nessman’s split-second decision may well have saved the infant from a dire fate.

Reflecting on his courageous act, Nessman remarked, “I knew I could get it, and I got it, and I’m thankful for that because I really wouldn’t want to see the end result if I wasn’t there. She tried everything she possibly could to get up. Her knees were bleeding when I got up to her. She was still shocked, and she was crying.”

WATCH the video below:

Source: AWM

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