• June 13, 2024

A Secret Device Caused Sleepy Joe’s Bike Tumble…

If you still wonder why Joe Biden fell off of his bike recently, you’ve found the right article because we finally have some answers.

By now you have probably seen a bunch of memes online of Joe Biden falling off his bike while cycling around his beach house in Delaware. The fall provided us with some great images, and Biden wasn’t hurt, so that’s a plus.

The bicycle that sent Illegitimate President Biden toppling to the asphalt Saturday appears to be a well-worn, Trek FX 1 Disc, a lightweight hybrid bike meant for rides over varied terrain.

The New York Post looked back at a 2020 Bicycling magazine profile of Biden’s “tricked-out bike,” which includes “a wireless computer, a coiled cable lock, a bottle cage, a bento box, and a rear-view mirror attached to the handlebars.”

The report took special note of one add-on: the pedals’ toe cages, which Biden, 79, blamed for causing his fall.

“The toe cages on his flat pedals make us feel like when the paparazzi aren’t looking, Biden really likes to rip,” wrote Riley Missel, the magazine’s former editor.

Back in 2020, Bicycling Magazine examined Biden’s bike as the same model and explained some of the features of the model:

“From what we could see in the photos, it had a Bontrager cockpit, linear pull rim brakes, and a rusty chain well past its prime. He came prepared for the ride with a headlight, and all of the bike’s reflectors are still intact,” it said.

“The bike was adorned with a few more accessories than what a regular rider may have: A coiled cable lock around the seat, a single bottle cage, a CatEye Wireless Computer, and a bento box. A little bar end mirror helped Biden keep an eye on his full surroundings and Trek helmet kept the former VP extra safe. Also, the toe cages on his flat pedals make us feel like when the paparazzi aren’t looking, Biden really likes to rip,” it said.

Also in 2020, when he was president-elect, he fell and broke his foot, which he blamed on playing with his dog. Right now, the only thing falling quicker than Biden on a bike is Biden’s popularity.

Also, a former employee of the company identified the model, which he said was sold for $599.99, to The Post with “high confidence,” but said that “it’s really hard to tell — that thing is ancient.”

Here’s what the White House official said in Biden’s recent bike accident:

“As the President said, his foot got caught on the pedal while dismounting and he is fine. No medical attention is needed. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”

Nikki Schwab who did the pool report on Saturday reported on the story:

At 8:29 a.m. the president biked by the pool, surrounded by agents.

“Good morning,” he told the pool, giving us a wave.

He’s wearing bright blue shoes and a white helmet. Also a grey t-shirt and Navy shorts .

Several members of the pool shouted “Mr. President!” at him but he breezed by before questions were asked.

Dr. Biden was not with him.

More TK

At 9:40 the president took a tumble off his bike as he stopped to say hello to the crowd. Secret Service swarmed him and he got up and then started talking to the crowd.

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At 9:22 a.m. first lady Jill Biden went by on her own, also with her detail.

She’s wearing a magenta top, black pants and sporting a silver helmet.

About 30 or so beach goers caught wind of Biden’s presence and are standing near the pool.

“I’m good” from fall

“I’m good,” the president said when pool asked if he was OK after he fell, he said he had trouble taking his biking shoes out of the pedals. He had bike clips in.

He pulled a woman out of the crowd to meet Commander. He spoke with the crowd.

He answered a few questions from the pool as well.

He will speak to Xi “soon.”

“We’re in the process of doing that,” he said when asked about rethinking China tariffs.

“In Delaware I am,” he said when asked about progress on gun control.

“Did you see what they did in Delaware?” He said of an assault weapons ban.

“I am happy with progress I am ready to sign it,” he said of the Congressiknal bill.

At 9:44 a.m. he got back on the bike and sped off.

Sending better quotes in a bit.

Dr. Biden kept going so she missed her husband’s fall. He stopped and came over to the waiting crowd, tried to unclip and fell over sideways, creating a mad scramble of Secret Service and press. Observers had tried to tell Biden “Happy Father’s Day.” He stood up right away and talked to the crowd before coming closer to the press – answering the questions below. There were no visible scrapes or bruises from the spill.


Asked “are you ok?”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” he also said.

About what caused the fall: he said the “toe cages” on his bike got caught.

Asked about China tariffs, he joked with a reporter “I’m not going to talk to you on my vacation.”

About his anniversary “Thank you.”

How soon are you talking to Xi?


Have you mad up your mind about tariffs?

“We’re in the process of doing that.”

You’re lifting the tariffs?

“I’m in the process of making up my mind.”

Are you satisfied with progress on gun legislation?

“In Delaware, I am. Did you see what they did in Delaware? Passed an assaults weapons ban. They did what I did years ago. But I am happy with the progress.

“Alright guys, see you,” Biden said as he got on the bike.

Sources: Conservativebrief, New York Post, Bicycling Magazine

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