• July 23, 2024

America Hater Colin Kaepernick’s Movie About Police Is Going Viral For….

After Colin Kaepernick was kicked out from NFL, he did attempt to return but it did not work obviously.

Now, he’s changing his course from an NFL player to a movie producer about police. But a political strategist’s take has left everyone in a divided zone.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Black Lives Matter protestor Colin Kaepernick is taking aim at the issue with a new documentary series entitled “Killing County.”

It is a documentary series that would air on Hulu.

Colin Kaepernick is the executive producer of the project, which would depict life in Bakersfield. The area is famous for being House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s district, which has intense crime and violence rates.

Kaepernick posted a trailer for the new show “Killing County” on his Twitter account. Along with a caption that stated:

“A true crime thriller we made set in Kevin McCarthy’s district. The highest homicide rate ✅ The most crime. ✅ The most police executions. ✅ Welcome to Killing County.”

More of this report from AWM:

The three-episode documentary series follows the horrible case of Jorge Ramirez Jr., a police informant, who was murdered by cops in a violent shooting in 2013. In addition to the facts of Ramirez Jr.’s case, Kaepernick’s documentary also captures screen time with a Bakersfield police detective named Damacio Diaz, who was sentenced to five years of a hard time in prison in October 2016 for stealing drugs and forcing them back onto the street in order to manufacture crime.

“Killing County is a story of twists and turns, alleged (police) corruption, and cover-up. Raising the question: who do you turn to when the ones who are supposed to serve and protect you are the ones you can’t trust?” a summary on People reads.

Kaepernick was a moderately famous quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers until he skyrocketed to fame in 2016 for taking a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner. He decided to take a knee during the national anthem as a protest against the documented police brutality against Black Americans and other people of color across the country.

After Kaepernick began taking a knee during the pregame playing of the national anthem, no NFL team wanted to work with him because he was “bad for business” since the NFL has close ties to the American military.

Most people would agree that the former NFL quarterback sacrificed his career in American football in order to gain a voice for a cause of activism. A famous Nike advertisement that featured Kaepernick hammered home this point with a close-up of Kaepernick along with a slogan saying, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Killing County is currently available on Hulu and is expected to be a very popular show since Kevin McCarthy has become a national political leader after sacrificing conservative values to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives after Representative Nancy Pelosi was forced to give up her leadership seat following the midterm elections in 2022.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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