• July 17, 2024

Biden’s America: A New Spa Opened Up That Caters To Literal Diaper Wearing Man Babies


A secluded spa in a quaint New Hampshire town might sound like the ideal setting for a charming weekend getaway, reminiscent of scenes from a “Gilmore Girls” episode.

However, having discontinued my viewership after the sixth season, I cannot confirm whether there was an episode featuring a comical mix-up where Lorelei and Rory accidentally booked a stay at a spa requiring adults to wear diapers 24/7 and sleep in cribs for leisure rather than necessity. In Atkinson, New Hampshire, such services are indeed available at the world’s first self-proclaimed “physician-owned Diaper Spa,” as reported by WHDH-TV.

While the notion of sitcom characters stumbling upon the diaper spa seems improbable given its explicit name, “The Diaper Spa,” it caters to the ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover) community. According to Boston.com, services include “virtual playdates” at $200 per hour and a “Diaper B&B” experience priced at $1,500 for a full day, aimed at nurturing “the little one inside of you.”

Contrary to misconceptions, the Diaper Spa’s founder, Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, a board-certified integrative medicine physician and sexologist, emphasizes that the ABDL community is not comprised of pedophiles or perverts. Instead, she explains that wearing diapers helps individuals process past traumas, often stemming from childhood experiences.

Dr. Murphy, stressed and burnt out from her work in hospitals, transitioned to sex and relationship coaching with a focus on overlooked populations, including ABDL individuals. She aimed to address the void of care for those with diverse needs related to wearing diapers, such as combat veterans with incontinence, people with musculoskeletal conditions, and survivors of trauma and abuse.

The Diaper Spa’s website explicitly states its commitment to serving diaper-wearing individuals seeking acceptance, respite, and care. It welcomes adults aged 21 and above from all backgrounds and is LGBTQIA++ friendly and trauma-informed. Dr. Murphy asserts that there is no sexual interaction allowed at the spa.

Despite these clarifications, some local residents in Atkinson express concerns about the spa’s proximity to a public park and its potential impact on children. A Change.org petition has garnered over 500 signatures, urging town officials to reject business and zoning licenses for the Diaper Spa.

In response, Dr. Murphy remains steadfast in asserting that the Diaper Spa is a place for individuals with specific needs, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect for diverse lifestyles. The controversy raises questions about societal acceptance, perceptions, and boundaries, challenging preconceived notions about adulthood and self-expression.

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