• June 16, 2024

Liberal Ayanna Pressley Accused Walgreens Of Racism, Then A Loss Prevention Expert Came Forward To Set Her Straight [VIDEO]

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley appears to advocate for companies to function as charities catering exclusively to her constituents, dismissing the necessity for profitability. Pressley levels accusations of “racism” against Walgreens for closing a Boston store grappling with extensive retail theft, framing it as disruptive and life-threatening racial and economic discrimination targeting “black & brown communities.”

During her House of Representatives address, Pressley alleges Walgreens’ decision to shut down the Boston store was racially motivated due to its location in a predominantly black and Latino community. She claims it is part of a broader trend of abandoning low-income communities, citing previous closures in Mattapan and Hyde Park. Pressley contends that when Walgreens exits a neighborhood, it disrupts the entire community, impacting access to essential items like baby formula, diapers, asthma inhalers, life-saving medications, and employment opportunities.

Pressley vehemently asserts that the closure announcement was not arbitrary but constituted life-threatening acts of racial and economic discrimination. She accuses Walgreens of providing no notice and endangering people’s health. However, WFXT-TV in Boston reports that Walgreens transferred all patient information to a nearby location, offering free in-home delivery for 90 days to ease the transition – details omitted in Pressley’s attack.

The left-wing Democrat concludes her critique with a scolding remark, saying, “Shame on you, Walgreens,” positioning the closure as a consequence of racial bias and insensitivity to the community’s needs.

The genuine reason behind Walgreens’ decision to close its Roxbury location is attributed to widespread retail theft rendering the store financially unsustainable. Boston’s leniency towards shoplifters and the reluctance of prosecutors to pursue legal action leave the store with no viable alternative but to cease operations. CrimeGrade.org rates the Roxbury neighborhood poorly, assigning it an “F” in overall crime and theft.

Despite Pressley’s accusations and efforts to appeal to the far-left, dissenting voices emerge, challenging her narrative. A former Walgreens loss prevention supervisor rebuffs Pressley’s racial claims, asserting that store closures are directly linked to excessive merchandise theft, not race.

The issue extends beyond Boston, with several longstanding retailers in California facing closure due to escalating retail theft. In-N-Out Burger announces the closure of its Oakland restaurant, citing crime as the primary reason. San Francisco loses Jeffrey’s Toy Store after over 80 years in business due to rampant crime in the area, exacerbated by left-wing prosecutors’ decision to legalize theft by not prosecuting shoplifters and addressing downtown violence.

A crucial point emphasized is that businesses, including Walgreens, are not charities; their primary purpose is to sell products and generate profits to cover taxes, employee wages, and operational costs. They do not exist to provide free services to crime-riddled neighborhoods. Critics argue that left-wing figures like Pressley are addressing a cultural problem rather than a genuine issue affecting business operations.

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