• April 21, 2024

Biden’s Baby Formula Website Went Live And What Happened Was…

Biden is no good to America, ever since he was installed America has been facing never before seen problems.

These are just a few of the many problems in Biden’s America.

  • $5 dollar gas
  • Record crime
  • Record inflation
  • Border crisis

Meanwhile, Congress is busy holding a hearing on UFOs today.

And now, a nationwide baby formula shortage – not a first-world problem but currently happening in Biden’s America. His regime is making an effort to rectify the situation, but it isn’t going well.

An emergency website tossed up by the administration for parents looking for formula has been a disaster, according to a report on Monday.

Yes, it’s a total disaster that even far-left CNN is ripping the White House for the failure.

The nation is now facing a frightening shortage of baby formula, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced Friday that the Department of Health and Human Services had created a new web-based tool for parents that was supposed to serve as an easy access guide for how to find formula products.

Here’s what Psaki said to reporters on Friday:

“We recognize that parents have a lot of questions.” 

Far-left CNN noted that the website was supposed to be a one-stop-shop for “resources and places that parents can go to obtain the formula, including contacts with companies, food banks (and) health care providers.”

But when the network attempted to use the site, they were met with frustrating delays even to get questions answered.

CNN claimed:

“The exercise resulted in apologetic customer service representatives, one hold time that lasted well over an hour, and serious challenges in finding baby formula through some of the main suggestions listed on the new HHS website.” 

More details from The Daily Wire:

For example, the government website lists the phone number for Abbott’s consumer hotline. When CNN called that number with inquiries, they were told that the company does not answer questions over the phone.

The government website also pointed folks to Reckitt’s customer service line. The reporter was placed on hold for 72 minutes and concluded that that “option could drive some anxious parents over the edge.”

Psaki presented the website as if it were a solution for families. Instead, it appears that the website established by the Biden team merely provides easily googleable contacts for companies.

In turn, those corporations gave little to no insight on how to find the baby formula in the meantime. The situation overall might leave some parents feeling helpless, as it seems neither the government nor the private sector wants to take leadership on the issue.

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Sources: Conservativebrief, Daily Wire

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