• May 27, 2024

Chris Wallace Just Issued A Stern Warning To Jen Psaki!

During a CNN+ interview on Wednesday’s episode of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, CNN+ anchor Chris Wallace interviewed White House press secretary Jen Psaki. And instead of being a softball interview as you might expect, Wallace actually challenged Psaki on a number of topics.

Wallace didn’t hesitate to plunge into a sensitive territory and asked Psaki “Why so emotional?” as he began by playing a recent video of Psaki crying about Florida’s parental rights bill, which some on the left labeled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Psaki stated that she became emotional because she is a “parent, a mom, and someone who wants all kids to be treated equally,” and that her reaction was simply because she is a “human being.”

The eponymous host then questioned Jen Psaki on whether Florida parents had a “right” to be concerned about young children being taught about sex education.

Wallace said:

“I just want to drill down a little bit here, though, Jen, because look, I understand that it’s an emotionally fraught issue. I understand that some of the supporters of the bill have used inflammatory language, saying that opponents of the bill want to sexualize children or groom children. On the other hand, don’t parents have a right to have concern? I mean, we’re talking specifically here about teaching about sex in kindergarten through third grade. I have to say as a parent, I would have problems with that.”

Psaki said the law is “not about teaching sex education” but rather “gender identity.”

Psaki continued:

“And so what do you do if a parent or a kid, should I say a kid, in one of these elementary schools says, ‘What about Sally? Sally has two moms,’ or ‘I’m not sure if I’m a girl or a boy.’”

“I mean, these are kids who are experiencing, you know, these moments in their lives. I also think that these are not, there is not a big record of there being either sex education or extensive gender identity education in these schools. And this is creating a problem, or a political cudgel, about an issue that I don’t think exists.”

Not only did Wallace challenge Psaki on the Democrat Party’s support of teaching young children about sexual identity and orientation. He also questioned Psaki about President Biden being sheltered from taking questions from the press.

“Why has President Biden been so sheltered from the press?”  Wallace asked.

Psaki immediately took offense to that and shot back “In what way? He just did a press conference several weeks ago. And he takes questions from the press nearly every day!”

Joe Biden has had fewer news appearances than his two immediate predecessors (Donald Trump and Barack Obama), according to Wallace:

In his first year, Joe Biden held two solo news conferences in the White House. And he held five on foreign trips, and take a look at this, in his first year Mr. Biden sat down for twenty-eight interviews with reporters. That compares to ninety-five in the same period of time for Donald Trump, and a hundred and sixty-two for Barack Obama. By comparison, Jen that’s sheltered.

Psaki attempted to defend Biden by stating that the moments when he answers reporters’ questions as he walks out of the White House to board the chopper should be included in the total.

Wallace understandably disagreed claiming that “when you’re standing there, you can take a question you can answer it, you can sluff it off and you move on” adding that “oftentimes he [Biden] gives a partial answer and walks away.” Whereas when you are participating in a sitdown interview with a reporter “you can’t duck it. You gotta sit there and answer the question and the follow-up.”

Psaki meekly replied, “we can agree to disagree on that Chris.” Adding the excuse “I think how he has felt engaging with the press makes sense to him or works, is how he used to do it in the Senate.”

Well, she can disagree all she wants but that doesn’t change the fact that the leftist media didn’t think it was good enough to answer reporter’s questions on the South Lawn of the White House when Trump was President.

The media lost their minds and wailed that Trump didn’t hold enough press conferences. You can’t have it both ways, Jen!

Sources: Conservativebrief, Dailymail, Yahoo

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