• June 22, 2024

Joe Rogan Just Took Liberals And Ripped Them A Brand New…

On Tuesday’s episode of his Spotify podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” with MMA fighter Jake Shields, Joe Rogan said that what it means to be a liberal has changed.

Now, that term is all about “people that want censorship,” “people that are intolerant of other people’s ideas,” and more, Rogan argued.

At the 1:27:16 mark on his podcast, Rogan claimed that being liberal now included thinking it’s “acceptable to insult people and be really hostile” to them, Rogan sounded as if he wasn’t sure what group he belonged to anymore, despite the fact that he claimed to have identified as a liberal his entire life.

Liberals according to Shields, have turned really weird, Shields agreed with Rogan, he then mentioned that he’s independent because these parties do things with which he simply cannot associate.

Shields said, “They seem a lot more intolerant.”

Rogan then explained:

“My parents were hippies, it’s like there’s a difference between what liberal meant then and what it includes now. It includes now people that want military action. It includes now people that want censorship”

“It includes now people that are intolerant to other people’s ideas, and people that think it’s fine to insult people and to be like really aggressive and sh***y to people online.”

They physically attack you,” Shields intervened.

After visiting Berkeley, California, shields said that he then first became interested in politics, where he recalls “Antifa” “beating people up” over speech.

“They’re just beating people up over that guy, over Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech” Shields said.

Rogan then claimed that Antifa and militant activists were tolerated by people on the left under former President Donald Trump’s presidency, that they appeared to be the “thug branch of the left” at times.

“But that’s also weird right? Then the antifa those people got tolerated by people on the left and they thought they almost seems like the thug branch of the left like you’re gonna go, you know clean up all this bullsh**s ’cause people are so upset that Trump is the president”

At the 1:30:10 minute mark, Rogan returned to the Leftist and pointed out that lefties wanted to defund the police.

Rogan said:

“Cops can’t do a lot if they’re not funded that’s the thing too right.”

“All this defund the police thing, that was one of the weird things about lefties, is that all of the sudden they wanted to defund the police. I was like, what are you talking about?”

Shield said it was Black Lives Matter that was really pushing that narrative.

“It was also a lot of white liberals, it was a cute thing to say, They wanted to say ‘defund the police.’” Rogan said.

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