• December 3, 2023

Did Kamala Accidentally Admit That Joe Biden Is A Racist!

Tensions between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and their teams began before the inauguration and involved not just complicated issues like mass migration on the southern border but cover photos of glossy magazines.

According to an exclusive excerpt of the upcoming book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” by The New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, the authors paint a negative picture of  Biden’s relationship with Kamala Harris.

Harris wants a more ‘softball’ assignment such as maintaining diplomatic relations with Nordic countries. But Biden intentionally put Harris in a very bad situation when he appointed her as ‘Immigration Czar’, the book alleges.

The book also claims that Biden’s ‘white inner circle’ looked down on Harris, implying that Biden and his top officials are racist.

Also, the leaked cover photo, which featured Harris in Converse and skinny pants, was “an approachable but less than a grand depiction of the incoming vice president,” the reporters wrote. But Harris had been expecting a different photo, one that was ultimately made the “digital cover.” Vogue also eventually sold a limited-edition issue with the other photo.

“Harris was wounded. She felt belittled by the magazine, asking aides: Would Vogue depict another world leader this way?” the duo reported.

More details from DailyMail reports:

“Kamala Harris was not happy with Joe Biden appointing her to address the southern border crisis, wanting a more softball foreign policy assignment, and thinks the president’s ‘white inner circle’ looks down on her, according to claims made in a new book.

During an April meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders, Biden praised Harris and said she would do ‘a hell of a job’ handling immigration.

‘The vice president corrected him at once,’ New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns wrote in their new upcoming book This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.

‘Excuse me,’ she said, ‘it’s the Northern Triangle — not immigration.”

The book also explains that the first minority and female vice president felt belittled by Biden’s white staff.

‘Some of Harris’s advisers believed the president’s almost entirely white inner circle did not show the vice president the respect she deserved,’ they wrote.

‘Harris worried that Biden’s staff looked down on her; she fixated on real and perceived snubs in ways the West Wing found tedious,’ they added, according to excerpts published by Politico on Tuesday.

Sources: 100percentfedup, DailyMail

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