• June 12, 2024

Did The Obama’s ORDER Spotify To SILENCE Joe Rogan?

The Spotify issue has gone more intense recently, as the Obamas are making their moves to not renew their expiring contract with the streaming service amidst Joe Rogan’s controversy.

Wayback back in June 2019, the Obamas signed a deal to ‘develop, produce and lend their voices’ to select podcasts to be featured on the music streaming service and the deal was worth about $100 million.

Under the deal, Obama has hosted the eight-episode podcast Renegades: Born in the USA alongside Bruce Springsteen. It premiered on April 5, 2021.

In July 2020, the Michelle Obama Podcast debuted with the former president as the first guest. The last episode was released on September 16 of that year.

That was a quiet ride of a coaster until the battle over the limits of the First Amendment swirls around the blunt-talking persona of podcaster Joe Rogan, the streaming service Spotify has taken steps to appease critics aghast that Rogan’s podcasts have not been consigned to limbo.

For the record, Joe Rogan has been known to symbolize the freedom to say the outrageous thing that turns the orthodox purple with rage, may also find himself battling the Obama juggernaut. The former president backing up the former vice-president I guess…

Well, Joe Rogan wasn’t alone in fighting the muzzled Spotify policy that even musician Neil Young told Spotify that he was removing his golden oldies off of the streaming service until Rogan is good to go with his podcasts.

The Daily Beast reported:

A petition circulated by the progressive advocacy group MoveOn demands that Spotify remove the Joe Rogan Experience podcast from the streaming platform. The last time I checked, it had close to 100,000 signatures. This comes just a few weeks after hundreds of “scientists, medical professionals, professors, and science communicators” put out an open letter denouncing Rogan and demanding that Spotify institute a new policy banning “misinformation.”

So should Spotify ban him and start cracking down on anything deemed to be “misinformation” by critics or company-employed fact-checkers? If you’re a socialist like me, or even if you just have political preferences that are substantial to the left of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I’d argue that advocating for escalated corporate censorship is playing with fire.

It may be a coincidence but the Democrat’s manipulative traits are quite definitive enough to point out facts.

Sources: The Western Journal, The Daily Beast, Daily Mail

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