• June 22, 2024

What The FBI Director Said About The J6 Prisoners Is Totally…

The FBI just keeps on adding stain to their damaged reputation after their comparison between the Jan. 6 Prisoners to the BLM rioters.

The Epoch Times reported:

Director Christopher Wray, FBI’s top official has defended the bureau against critics who say it’s more aggressively pursuing people who committed crimes on Jan. 6, 2021, compared with people who torched buildings and carried out other illegal acts during the riots in 2020.

The FBI has opened hundreds of investigations and made hundreds of arrests involving each matter, Director Christopher Wray said during a Jan. 31 talk. The bureau has also utilized nearly all of its 56 field offices and its Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate both the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol and the 2020 riots.

Wray said in a statement, “We have one standard, which is, I don’t care whether you’re upset about an election, upset at our criminal justice system, whatever it is you’re upset about, there’s a right way and a wrong way to express your being upset in this country. And violence against law enforcement destruction of property is not it. That’s what the rule of law is about and on Jan. 6, people stormed the Capitol in broad daylight, and the events were “photographed extensively and under the cover of darkness, with people’s faces concealed and rioters did not attack federal properties.”

“So the federal hook, the federal jurisdiction is sometimes a little different, and the ability to prove it is more challenging, but we’re still working those cases. We’re aggressively pursuing both. And as I said, we have one standard, which is you don’t get to commit violence.” he added.

From heavily protecting Ray Epps and now this? What the heck is going on with the FBI?

Some reports also confirm that the January 6 prisoners have been beaten by prison guards and their rights are routinely violated compared to these BLM hoodlums, their cases are being silently dropped.

FBI is rigged.

Sources: 100% Fed Up, The Epoch Times

The Daily Allegiant