• July 23, 2024

Everyone’s Jaws Dropped When The Groom Revealed His New Bride’s Darkest Secret…

A creative groom got revenge on his new wife and his best man after the pair slept together ahead of the wedding. During a wedding speech after the pair had tied the knot, the groom spoke into the microphone about how his new bride and his best man had slept together, revealing all the juicy details of their infidelity in front of everyone at the wedding, including family members and other guests.

The story of the groom was shared on The Unfiltered Bride podcast, which is hosted by wedding planners Georgina and Beth. The wedding planners are based in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom and were eager to tell their followers and fans about how the groom got revenge on his new wife during his wedding speech.

After the groom gave his speech about how his new wife had slept with the best man, the groom handed out pictures of the bride having sex with the other man. After that, the groom stormed out of the wedding reception with his family members following on his heels.

According to Georgina, the groom, and his family knew that the bride was a cheater, but they decided to go through with the wedding so the bride would have to pay for all the food served during the reception. They were hoping to get revenge on the cheating spouse by making it clear to everyone in attendance at the wedding that she was a cheater and that she had sex with the best man at the wedding. It was all an elaborate display of revenge that has shocked thousands of people listening to the bridal podcast.

The podcast hosts shared a brief clip of their podcast on TikTok, and the video that they shared has already accumulated more than half a million views as people tune in to hear about how the groom roasted his new wife at their wedding in front of all the guests and family members.

On the podcast, Georgian said, “I’ve got another story to tell you. I can’t tell you who told me because I’m not really allowed to tell the story, but f*** it, I’m going to gonna tell the story anyway. So there was a wedding, and they did the wedding, bride, and groom, got married, lovely ceremony, drinks reception, sat down for wedding breakfast, had their food, speeches after food.

“Father of the bride does his thing, the groom stands up and says, ‘Just before I like properly get started, there are some envelopes coming round now. If you could all open them up. Yeah, those are pictures of the bride f**king the best man, so I’ll be leaving now.’”

She continued: “Dropped the microphone, and he and all his family knew about it and left because they wanted the bride to have had to pay for the food.”

Beth asked, “So the bride paid for everything?”

Georgina replied: “The bride’s family paid for everything.”

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