• July 23, 2024

HUH? They Cut Down Sixteen Million Trees For The Most Mind Boggling…

Now, I will admit that in certain applications, solar power has its place. For example, I bought a solar generator and a couple of portable solar panels a while back so I could keep a fan or two running if the power went out following a storm (I live deep in hurricane country) and to keep an electric cooler running.

I cut down one tree in my backyard so I could get better coverage by the sun. There are some people, that would have cut down every tree within two miles…

Scottish National Party (SNP) preachers cut down near 16 million trees on public land, as part of plans to obtain all of Scotland’s power from renewable resource by this year.

Mairi Gougeon, the Rural Matters Assistant, has actually conceded that around 15.7 million trees have been gotten rid of considering that 2000 from locations presently managed by Forestry as well as Land Scotland (FLS). This corresponds to over 1,700 trees felled daily.

Criticisms have arisen over what they refer to as a hypocritical eco-crusade, in spite of Gougeon insisting on a planning presumption for safeguarding forest and also anticipating wind ranch programmers to undertake “compensatory growing in other places.”

Scottish Tory MSP Liam Kerr articulated worries articulated by “neighborhoods around the nation” while sharing astonishment at the figures.

The SNP targets include changing existing wind turbines with also taller as well as larger ones; some developers are suggesting wind turbines approximately 850 feet high– comparable to more than 60 double-decker buses.

In a letter to Mr. Kerr, Ms. Gougeon described that 7,858 hectares of trees had actually been felled for wind ranches– an estimated overall of 15.7 million trees– mentioning lots of were part of commercial plants that would have been felled eventually regardless.

Mr. Kerr responded by elevating problems regarding aesthetic impact, wildlife damages and injury done to companies, he noted most people would be “astonished” by the numbers offered their range and also range.

From Herald Scotland:

Steve Micklewright, CEO of Trees forever, stated: “It seems deeply ironic that trees are being dropped to give way for windfarms when both healthy growing woodlands and renewable resource are important in fixing the international climate emergency.

“Timberlands that are ancient or of high conservation value ought to not deal with mass felling due to the fact that various other uncommon and endangered plants and animals can be lost as well. In various other places, such as vineyards where the trees would certainly have been harvested anyway, a practical method would certainly be to guarantee the lumber is utilized for structures or other uses that will not release the carbon stored in the trees back right into the ambience.”

Lyndsey Ward, a Highlands wind ranch lobbyist, said: “Not just are numerous CO2 taking in trees being felled for wind turbines, numerous thousands of acres of ancient carbon-holding peat are being collected as well.

“These figures are huge sufficient, yet if you add in the facilities needs and grid links, much more trees will certainly have been sacrificed and also …


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