• July 24, 2024

Exactly How Much Have The Jason Aldean Haters Overplayed Their Hand?

Do ANTIFA, BLM, and a lot of rap music, all right Shannon Watts. Since you’re so worried about violence and everything. No? Exactly why not? Because you are a bunch of false cowards who engage in identity politics and virtue signaling. It’s remarkable how you and your mentally ill, politically biased ilk don’t express genuine worry about decades of violence in other music and media.

video games and movies? No. gender-based violence? Nope. building cities on fire? Nuh-uh. violent assaults on protesters during “mostly peaceful” demonstrations? Ignore that thinking. You and the rest of the “elite” left kept radio silence throughout the entire ordeal.

All of the fake anger and hysterical accusations that Aldean’s song incites violence only serve to highlight how incredibly frail and unexpectedly weak the rabid anti-gun left is. They deserve some credit for at least being aware of their financing source and being wise enough to not turn on the hand that is feeding them.

In this country, the extreme anti-gun left consistently works against those of us who take seriously the freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution. They’ve also widened their scope in recent years, branding anyone who supports Bernie Sanders as an unredeemable heteronormative white supremacist who harbors aspirations to murder children, if not worse.

However, whenever they experience even the tiniest resistance, in this case, a relatively obscure country music song that has been on the charts for almost two months, they obediently enter a stage-managed panic attack.

This phenomenon is perfectly illustrated by the response to Jason Aldean’s song, but it is not the only one.

And just remember…the Streisand Effect is real.

For those who support freedom, the Constitution, and the principles that have made this nation great, the responses to this whole kerfuffle on all sides should serve as a wake-up call and an inspiration.

The opposition is intolerable to them and makes them act like vampires in the sun.

When something like the lyrics to “Try that in a Small Town” are heard, they have no way of responding to those who are unapologetically unwilling to kowtow before Shannon Watts and others.

Aldean’s video was removed by Country Music Television, and like with other businesses that failed to comprehend their clientele, they are now dealing with backlash as a result. Ask Bud Light what damage forgetting who their customers are has done to their company.

In the end, this ought to serve as motivation for those of us who respect our right to bear arms (and other rights). It ought to motivate us to defend our rights whenever they are in jeopardy, regardless of how irrational the opposing side becomes or how many corporate media outlets support them. They have made it abundantly evident that they are unable to tolerate our behavior.

To these homophobic bloodsuckers, standing up to them, presenting the truth, debunking their lies, and turning their own arguments around on them is like garlic. As Aldean stated in his song, there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your house, your friends, your family, your town, your state, and your country safe. There is also nothing wrong with expressing this desire.

Don’t be reluctant to express it yourself. Violence from the opposing side should also not be permitted, even though it is not necessary to prove a point. Making your opinions known may prevent you from receiving some Christmas cards in December, but you also may receive more in return.

I’m going to mow my lawn while listening to music, I believe.

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