• June 12, 2024

Former NFL Star Charged In Gruesome Assault On Airline Employee!

A former NFL player and a United Airlines employee were caught fighting in a shocking video at Newark Airport last week.

According to the airline, their employee was left bloodied after getting into an altercation with former Denver Broncos cornerback Brendan Langley at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey last week and the employee has been fired.

On other hand, Langley has been suspended indefinitely by the Stampeders for his role in the alleged brawl.

While on suspension, Langley will not be permitted to enter team facilities or have any involvement with the Stampeders football club.

Here’s what the Stampeders president and general manager John Hufnagel told the media:

“The Stampeders take matters such as these very seriously. After learning details of the incident including the filing of a criminal charge, we are indefinitely suspending Brendan Langley.” 

100 Percent Fedup gives us further details of the incident:

While standing at the bag drop desk, Langley and the United Airlines worker got into a dispute, however, it is not completely clear what caused the fight. It has been reported that Langley used a wheelchair to transport his luggage instead of a luggage cart that costs $5 to use, and it is speculated that this prompted the argument.

It is also not clear who threw the first punch, although according to the Daily Mail, most footage shows the airline worker throwing the first punch.

In the video, the United Airlines worker punches Langley once before getting pummeled to the ground and falling by the luggage conveyer belt, appearing bloodied. At one point, the worker was able to get back on his feet and braced for the fight to continue. “He wants more? He wants more!” Langley is heard yelling.

Airport workers intervened and police eventually removed Langley from the airport.

27-year-old Langley was arrested and booked on a single count of assault. The airline worker was taken to the hospital for his injuries but has not been charged with anything.

Here’s what a spokesman for United Airlines said in a statement:

“United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or onboard our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter.”

Watch the intense video below:

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail

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