• June 13, 2024

Georgia’s RINO Anti Trump Governor Is In A Huge Batch Of Trouble!

This so-called Republican is well known for being anti-Trump, for this, he is now facing down the threat of a primary challenge in 2022. We’ve seen how Republicans booed him at their state convention earlier this year.

Former GOP Sen. David Perdue endorsed by Former President Donald Trump to challenge Brian Kemp in the Republican primary for governor in 2022.

Now, traitor Kemp finds himself in deep shit of trouble after a new poll was released.

The survey, released Monday by GOP pollster Fabrizio, Lee & Associate:

With Trump’s endorsement, Perdue takes a 56-34 lead over Kemp in a head-to-head matchup and has a 46-32 edge in a full ballot. Other candidates, including Vernon Jones and Kandiss Taylor, are in the single digits.

You may find the survey results here: Survey/PDF

And with Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones received 11% of the vote. If Jones was taken out of the race, the poll would show a much higher number in favor of Perdue.

Perdue said in an interview with WDUN:

“A lot of people feel … that people in power haven’t fought for them and caved into a lot of things back in 2020 that didn’t have to be done.”

Furthermore, Washington Examiner made a detailed report on the poll’s findings:

  • “Trump’s favorable/unfavorable image is 84%/10%, Perdue’s image clocks in at 79%/9%, and Kemp registers a 68% favorable, 22% unfavorable rating, with his favorable rating breaking down as 35% very favorable and 33% somewhat favorable.”
  • “Seventy-eight percent of Republican voters in Georgia believe ‘significant fraud occurred in the 2020 election,’ and just 31% ‘believe Kemp did enough to prevent voter fraud in the election.’”
  • “Just 33% of GOP voters would vote for Kemp regardless of his Republican competition.”
  • “In the Republican Senate primary in Georgia, former professional football player Herschel Walker, who has been endorsed by Trump, led state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black by a whopping 72% to 5%.”

Sources: Trendingrightwing, Washington Examiner

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