• June 19, 2024

What This Arkansas IHOP Just Said About Joe Biden PROVES He’s Not Fit For The Job!

Only in the Biden regime where people choose to be jobless rather than getting an actual job. Why should I even work when I get free money from hardworking taxpayers? It’s not the fault of the people for choosing to be jobless – it’s the fault of an incompetent government making people lazy.

As result, many businesses are short of staff, even worse they are forced to close the business because no one wants to work anymore. All thanks to the intelligent-minded people of Biden’s regime.

But one store in Arkansas is fed-up decided to leave a scathing message explaining why they had to reduce their hours.

Arkansas’ iHop blasted Joe Biden with an in-store notice. It accused his Covid-era unemployment policy of “no one wants to work anymore.”

The sign reads:

“Due to the fact that Biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore. We are forced to reduce our hours during this week.”

But one customer took Twitter to share his disappointment at the chain’s political stance, saying:

“Hey, iHop my family and I really enjoy going to your restaurant.” 

“But if this is a corporate policy, I don’t think we’ll visit anymore. We’re one of a small family and not a problem, but eating in a place that tolerates this isn’t a problem. can not.”

The sign was posted as the Biden administration said in November that employers added only 210,000 jobs.

It all started when Biden’s regime offer a huge amount of unemployment benefits earlier this year, in fact, they even offered federal funds to do so.  Covid unemployment benefits offered by the federal government were often more than laid-off employees made while employed, due to an added $600 a week.

According to 100 percent fed-up report:

Half of all states eventually opted out of the program before it was even set to expire, including Louisiana, which is led by a Democratic Governor. The Governor said he was “trying to find a ‘reasonable balance’ between helping the jobless and assisting businesses that say they’re having trouble finding people to fill their employee ranks.”

Sources: 100percentfedup, Marketwatch

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