• April 14, 2024

HA! Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Scored Some Big Time Dirt On Pelosi!

It’s becoming clear to us that Dems are shameless hypocritical liars… They are very synchronized in telling the public of what to do, yet they themselves are doing the other way around.

We all know how strict the COVID guidelines Dems are implementing to us, they even make unconstitutional mandates just to take full control courtesy of their monkey chief (Biden) right?

And they just can’t even follow it. Previously, Michigan was surging with COVID-19 cases and their Government officials have been implementing strict mandates that have been destructive compared to what COVID does.

Unsurprisingly, Whitmer just couldn’t stand and follow her own rules, so instead of staying at home and keeping herself safe, she fled to Florida to allegedly check on her father, but really, she was just there to have fun without strict mandates.

Recently, another hypocrite has been heavily exposed…Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene just slammed Pelosi with a single tweet that has dismantled her political career.

She wrote on Twitter, “Nancy Pelosi went house hunting last week in south Florida.

She was actually on my plane.

She wants to retire in Florida to enjoy low taxes, mask-free hair salons, and Republican freedom policies, while destroying all these good things for the American people.”

But MTG wasn’t the only one who have seen a snake…

They slam American lives with these ridiculous mandates, while they enjoy their lives in the state of Florida while attacking and questioning Governor Ron DeSantis’ governance in the free state and enjoy a sunny vacation.

Expecting to see Biden retire in Florida anytime soon.

Source: Wayne Dupree

The Daily Allegiant