• April 13, 2024

He Spent $20,000 Trying To Prove The Earth Was Flat, The Results Are Beyond All…

A self-proclaimed genius embarked on a costly mission to prove the world wrong, only to find his beliefs shattered by his own experiment.

In a stubborn attempt to disprove centuries of scientific understanding, a man spent thousands of dollars trying to prove the Earth is flat, only to inadvertently confirm its round shape.

The costly DIY experiment was conducted during the filming of the Netflix documentary Behind the Curve, a shining example of misguided efforts that lead to self-deception.

The flat-Earther’s experiment aimed to demonstrate the absence of the Earth’s curvature by capturing a straight line of light passing through two holes drilled into wooden boards. He expected that if the light appeared straight, it would prove the Earth’s flatness, thus refuting the long-established scientific consensus.

However, the light failed to shine through the holes as anticipated, and the flat-Earther was forced to confront his error, uttering “interesting” as he realized his experiment actually proved the Earth’s roundness. Unilad reported Instagram users reacting to the footage, with one stating, “I bet he still won’t accept it,” while another found it “oddly satisfying” to witness the collapse of his flawed theory.

Despite the experiment’s clear outcome, the flat-Earther remains committed to his discredited belief, performing what some have described as “mental gymnastics” in an effort to maintain his untenable position. One commenter noted that they have seen the clip numerous times but have yet to see a satisfactory explanation for the results.

The Daily Mail reported on this experiment, sparking hundreds of comments, with one reader sarcastically remarking, “I bet if someone shone a torch in one of his ears, you’d see the light coming out of the other one.”

Another found the documentary enlightening, noting that NASA was impressed by the cleverness of the experiments, even though they all ultimately confirmed the Earth’s roundness.

“That documentary was brilliant. NASA was really genuinely impressed at the experiments several of them came up with as they were really clever. However, they ALL proved the Earth is not flat. The final scene is hilarious when the guy realizes he’s been wasting his time and money.”

One commenter astutely pointed out that the experiment would have to cover a far greater distance to be truly conclusive, as the Earth’s curvature was demonstrated in ancient times over distances of 500 miles.

“They would have to be a long way apart to prove anything either way. It was proved in ancient times over a distance of 500 miles.”

This tale of misguided conviction serves as a cautionary reminder to question one’s own beliefs and to avoid falling prey to the allure of unfounded theories that defy established knowledge.

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