• July 13, 2024

He Started To Rape A Woman, Minutes Later They Rushed HIM To The Hospital!

A South Carolina woman escaped from her rapist and made him rushed into the hospital, according to a police report.

The  South Carolina woman first meet Dennis Slaton via online chat, then she later decided to meet him in person at a gas station in Greenville.

She believe that a public area would be safest to check out her new acquaintance, the woman introduced herself and stepped into the man’s truck. But what happened next will make you shocked.

But the woman immediately sense something is not right as she agreed to drive her to a nearby location. Hoping to get out of the situation, she offered Slaton $5 and politely asked him to drop her off. It was then that Slaton took a wrong turn and brandished a knife, holding it close to her throat.

Slaton has been a registered sex offender since 1989. In 1990, he was convicted of aggravated sodomy and attempted rape in Georgia and was convicted of voyeurism in South Carolina in 1989, according to his South Carolina Sex Offender Registry profile.

“He’s done been caught that many times, he doesn’t need it,” said Jeron Lynch, who lives down the street from Slaton.

Slaton denied the accusations against him.

“I went to meet somebody that I talked to on the Internet,” said the alleged victim, according to the incident report.

“He said he was in a truck and when I saw this man driving through the parking lot at Motel 6 and I motioned for him to come on up. He was in a white pickup truck. He came up to the Spinx parking lot and I got in. Something did not seem right so I asked him would he take me to Woodside Ave and I gave him five dollars and he said OK. I was already in the truck and we started to leave. I told him to take a right and instead he took a left. As soon as he took the left he put a knife to my throat.”

He drove her to his house, where she said he sexually assaulted her and threatened to kill her.

“Very concerned…especially when he’s only four houses down,” Lynch said.

According to WSPA, the woman “severed” Slaton’s penis, allegedly by biting it off, before gaining control of his knife and stabbing her rapist, according to an incident report from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was then able to escape as her attacker writhed in pain from his serious injuries.

“If she would’ve came to my door, I would have opened it,” said neighbor Donna Lynch.

Naked and covered in blood, she made it to a Waffle House about half a mile away.

Slaton’s neighbor told 7News she’s seen law enforcement respond to his home at least eight times over the past four years. According to the incident report, Slaton is “known to be violent toward deputies,” and is also known to keep guns in his house.

“It’s usually like five or ten people, and they always have their guns drawn,” said neighbor Natasha Manuel. “If there’s been people over here with guns drawn the way they have, why has he not still in jail right now?”

Slaton has a list of prior sex crimes, including hits for sodomy and attempted rape dating back to 1989, according to a rap sheet attached to the sheriff’s office report.

He was hit with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping charges for the alleged August attack, and released on a $75,000 bond, with the condition that he remain on house arrest, according to The Greenville News.

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