• June 21, 2024

WWE Founder Vince McMahon OUT After Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Surfaces…

Vince McMahon, co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), stepped down from his roles at TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of WWE and UFC, on Friday following a shocking lawsuit filed in federal court. The lawsuit, filed by Janel Grant on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Connecticut, accuses McMahon of sex trafficking a former employee and seeks to annul a non-disclosure agreement while pursuing punitive damages and legal fees.

McMahon’s resignation extended to his position as TKO Executive Chairman and from the TKO Board of Directors, as stated in a released statement. In the statement, McMahon vehemently contested the allegations, describing them as fabricated lies and a vindictive distortion of the truth. He expressed his determination to vigorously defend himself against the baseless accusations while looking forward to clearing his name.

Despite maintaining his innocence, McMahon, out of respect for the WWE Universe, TKO business, board members, shareholders, partners, and constituents, chose to resign immediately. WWE president Nick Khan confirmed McMahon’s departure in a memo obtained by ESPN, announcing that McMahon would no longer have any role with TKO Group Holdings or WWE.

Janel Grant, who was employed by WWE from 2019 to 2022, alleges that McMahon took advantage of her vulnerable state, having recently lost her parents and dedicated her life to around-the-clock caregiving. The lawsuit details Grant’s time at WWE, claiming that it revolved around fulfilling McMahon’s escalating and increasingly violent sexual desires, leading to severe physical and mental health issues, including debilitating PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

The legal document contends that McMahon coerced Grant into signing a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for a $3 million payout to conceal the alleged events. However, McMahon purportedly only paid $1 million and failed to make subsequent payments. The lawsuit accuses McMahon of gaining complete control over Grant’s life, using his power to repeatedly abuse her, subjecting her to humiliating acts and embarrassment.

Further allegations suggest that McMahon groomed Grant for his sexual desires over several weeks, using employment opportunities as leverage while breaking down boundaries and issuing veiled threats about legal repercussions supported by McMahon’s substantial fortune. The legal proceedings add a layer of complexity to McMahon’s resignation, raising questions about the future of his involvement in the wrestling industry and the broader implications for WWE and TKO Group Holdings.

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