• June 21, 2024

He Stole 220 Sneakers From A Major Shoe Store, There Was One Major Problem With His Plan…

In an absurd display of criminal incompetence, a group of thieves from Peru recently made international headlines after pulling off an absurd heist, stealing 220 sneakers – all exclusively for the right foot.

This ludicrous crime took place on April 30th, at a sports goods store in Huancayo, central Peru. Around 3:30 am, the trio succeeded in cutting the padlocks at the back of the store and swiping three large crates filled with sneaker boxes from a range of brands.

Unbeknownst to the thieves, every shoebox contained only right-foot sneakers, as the store owner had organized the crates in preparation for a local sports goods fair. Authorities speculate that the criminals have likely hidden their ill-gotten gains, as selling the unmatched sneakers on the black market would be virtually impossible.

Eduan Díaz, the head of the Junín police region, informed América Noticias that, “We have carried out the inspection at the scene; the peculiar aspect of this theft is that only right-foot sneakers have been stolen.” Díaz added that identifying the thieves is merely a matter of time, as surveillance cameras in the area captured their images, and they left their fingerprints at the crime scene.

Although the store owner still has the left sneakers, he estimates a loss of roughly $13,000 unless the 220 stolen right sneakers are recovered, since he, too, cannot sell the individual sneakers.

Despite having only opened a few months prior, the sneaker store has already fallen victim to burglary, along with several others in the area. In April, the National Police of Peru apprehended a thief who had absconded with six sacks full of sneakers from a shoe store in Ica, a city in southern Peru.

One Twitter user jokingly commented, “Surely they wanted to sell it at half price.” This ridiculous crime serves as a prime example of the lengths people will go to for dishonest gain, only to be foiled by their own lack of foresight and planning.

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Source: Odditycentral

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