• June 19, 2024

If You Ever See A Road Sign With A Piece Of Tape Like This, Call 911 Right Away

Although Elon Musk would have you believe otherwise, Tesla cars might not be as safe as advertised. With a piece of tape on a speed limit sign, the new Tesla model cars can be tricked into speeding at dangerously high speeds. New footage shows that when someone put a piece of tape over a speed limit sign that read 35 miles per hour, the Tesla was tricked into accelerating all the way to 85 miles per hour just because of the manipulated sign.

As shares in Tesla continue to rise at unreasonable rates, the company has come under a lot of scrutiny. And when McAfee researchers decided to place a two-inch piece of electrical tape across the middle of the “3”, they were able to trick the Tesla car into misreading the speed limit as 85 miles per hour.

The Tesla Model X was from the year 2016 and was fooled by the altered sign when the vehicle was in cruise control. The vehicle, which relies on computers a lot more than other cars, accelerated the vehicle to 50 miles per hour before the driver figured out that the car was putting the driver into dangerous situations.

The shocking revelation came after Tesla found itself under investigation for 127 complaints from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), claiming that there were “sudden unintended acceleration” in some situations.

The Tesla flaw resulted in 110 crashes and 52 injuries. Many drivers who spend lots of money on getting the Tesla found themselves thrust into dangerous situations because the engineers at the car company did not do their due diligence to make sure drivers would be safe when relying on the cruise control situation.


The Daily Allegiant