• May 29, 2024

Left Lobs Disturbing Attacks Against Black Woman Behind Viral Trump Video

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) A left-leaning media outlet has launched a smear campaign against the black woman featured in a viral video from Atlanta, where she embraced former President Donald Trump and claimed that he had done more for Historically Black Colleges and Universities than Biden. 

Seemingly displeased with the video, the media outlet Meidas Touch delved into the professional background of Michaelah Montgomery, the woman behind the viral clip shot inside a Chick-fil-A. 

At the heart of the report is the claim that the viral moments were all fabricated and that Montgomery—despite genuinely embracing Trump—was part of the campaign’s efforts to appeal to black Americans.

“Nothing about Trump or his campaign is authentic,” wrote J.D. Wolf of Meidas Touch in the report, published on Friday. 

“Montgomery has been working for MAGA Republican causes for years. Don’t fall for the Fox News hosts pushing this as some kind of spontaneous indicator of support,” they added later in the report.

Among the findings highlighted by Meidas Touch to discredit Montgomery is the fact that she posted on LinkedIn that she worked for the Georgia Republican Party as an intern and that she posted photos with conservative figures Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk for Blaxit, a movement of black Americans exiting the Democratic Party.

Despite the negative undertones of their report, Meidas Touch claimed that while “Montgomery doesn’t need anyone’s permission to support Trump, to be a Black conservative, or to get paid for Republican political work, but let’s not pretend this is some organic event that unfolded.”

To the detriment of the left and Meidas Touch, the videos—whether prepared in advance or not—showed that Trump poses a threat to President Joe Biden’s re-election chances, as evidenced in recent polls. 

According to a Wall Street Journal poll of seven swing states, 57 percent of Black men said they planned to vote for Biden, while 30 percent said they would vote for Trump.

Such numbers starkly contrast with how black Americans voted in 2020. According to the Journal, citing AP VoteCast, 87 percent of black men voted for Biden in 2020, while 12 percent backed Trump. 

Such a trend is also evident among black women. As reported by the Journal, 77 percent of black women planned to vote for Biden—a figure much lower than the 93 percent he received in 2020.


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