• September 25, 2023


It seems that the out-of-touch liberal politicians are now giving more privileges to the elites, while ordinary Americans will have to suffer from financial debts just to buy non-gas-powered vehicles.

Last week, the United States’ earliest ban on non-electric-powered cars became law in Washington state. Gas cars after the model year 2030 will not be allowed in the state.

The legislation was signed into law by Washington Governor Jay Inslee. It will fully go into effect over the next 8 years, with regulations being enforced beginning in 2030.

The Gateway Pundit commented on the global warming movement that start all this hysteria:

In the year 2006, Al Gore catalyzed the global warming movement with his baseless documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” shocking the world with false claims of an inevitable climate catastrophe that would destroy civilization as we know it.

Fast forward 16 years and the hysteria has devolved into the current unhinged ‘climate change movement’ that is working in tandem with the globalist cabal of elites to form their ‘utopian’ vision of a ‘new world order’ – one where the masses will be forced to live in their pods, eat their insects, and if they need to go anywhere – take public transportation, all for the sake of saving the planet.

Just like in communist countries, they give more privileges to the elites, which is about to happen in America wherein only luxury vehicles are permitted on the publicly funded roads.

You might think that this won’t happen at all because we are a free nation and because this is America. Well not so fast, the passage of this bill was cleverly disguised for their so-called global warming agenda.

In other words, the only vehicles eligible for sale and registration will be all-electric cars. The law also creates an “interagency electric vehicle coordinating council,” which will oversee vehicular regulations for this program going forward.

The measure, called HB 1204 or “Clean Cars 2030,” bans the sale, purchase, or registration of any non-electric vehicle with the model year of 2030 or later. Thus, it even applies to cars purchased out of state and brought to Washington for registration.

The Gateway Pundit added that the progressive Governor only focuses on climate change and not on people’s welfare:

Inslee described the mindset behind the bill during its signing this week. The progressive Governor reiterated that the measure was climate-focused and will “move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”

What’s lost, or purposefully ignored, by these disconnected elites is the fact that electric vehicles are an expensive luxury that many Americans cannot afford, especially with the skyrocketing inflation and decimated economy following the lockdowns. As of now, the average price of an electric car already sits at a substantial $50,000, and that’s before Biden and the Globalists continue to wreck the global markets and cause prices to skyrocket further.

Can you even imagine the cost by 2030?

Considering the other factors, the measure almost looks like a pipe dream, at best. As of right now,  according to the Yakima Herald, only 1.5% of the vehicles on the road in the state of Washington are electric vehicles, so there’s either going to have to be taxpayer Tesla giveaways, or there are going to be a lot fewer cars on the road.

Looking at the current state of things, it’s likely to end up being the latter.

Yakima Herald noted that Republicans in the state Legislature argued a similar point, calling the bill unrealistic while likening it to a massive overreach of government power.

Unfortunately, just before the Republicans can oppose the bill, radical Dems reportedly cut the Republicans out of the negotiations over the new measure.

Republican Washington State Sen. Curtis King explained to the Yakima Herald:

“They want to force everybody into an electric vehicle for whatever reason they deem fit. They want to take the choice away from the people because they think government knows more than anybody else.”

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Yakima Herald

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