• July 13, 2024

McCarthy’s SINISTER Plot To Defeat MAGA Has Been EXPOSED…

Meet Kevin McCarthy, an anti-Trump zealot who’s hiding behind the curtains. He’s not out-of-the-closet yet, he’s working secretly in cutting backroom deals to keep MAGA candidates off the ballots for 2022.

Well, compared to Kinzinger and Cheney this guy is clever enough not to show all his cards. Kevin knows he can’t become Speaker of The House, so he’s spending most of his time being a double agent for Dems.

If anything, he’s working against us. But he’s clever enough not to show all his cards as Kinzinger and Cheney did.

So expect everything he’s been doing is not for “MAGA.” Because the last thing this guy wants is a congress full of MAGA candidates.

Thanks to Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers for calling out what Kevin has been doing these days.

Wendy knows exactly that Kevin has involved himself in a lot of shady deals with establishment types who are pretending to “drain the swamp” to seek out wins in primaries against MAGA candidates.

WayneDupree reported:

Keven is carefully cherry-picking who fights in certain areas to avoid any primary challenges from solid “America First” candidates.

So, in certain areas, like Tennessee for example, the establishment candidate Morgan Ortagus, who Trump shouldn’t have endorsed, will act like a big “swamp drainer” to avoid getting beat by the hardcore America First candidate Robby Starbuck.

This is happening all over the country, according to Wendy.

McCarthy is terrified of a MAGA takeover and he’s scheming accordingly behind closed doors.

Here’s what Wendy said:

“Kevin McCarthy cuts backroom deals with “conservative” congressmen that they will only fight over a certain few races if they leave other races alone. These “conservative” congressmen want to give the appearance they are fighting the swamp, but don’t go all in to elect MAGA Conservatives for fear of a primary challenge or losing a committee chairmanship or seat”

Conservatives need to get very serious and look into these candidates and see who they’re really representing.

I highly suggest taking Wendy’s warning about McCarthy seriously, it could be the difference between us winning or losing. I mean, we can’t win if we keep falling for these establishment games.

Are they representing MAGA and our America First interests or are they undercover agents for McCarthy and McConnell? Sadly, President Trump got some terrible advice about Tennessee.

Robby Starbuck is 100 percent the MAGA/America First candidate, and he’s the one who better represents our cause, by a long shot.

Source: WayneDupree,

The Daily Allegiant