• June 12, 2024

Mike Pompeo Has REVEALED America’s Biggest Threat!

Former Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo had a few telling things to say when he sat down with 700 Club Founder Pat Robertson to discuss the status of our country now that Joe Biden is in office. Pompeo outlined the “biggest threat” to America, and what he has to say might come as a surprise to you. During this explosive interview, he clued Robertson in on not only not only how the Trump Administration views the world, but how the Biden-Harris team is being willfully ignorant of the way that the world truly is.


When Pompeo sat down with the 91-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson, he realized the man was still politically astute, and Robertson pulled no punches when he interviewed Pompeo.


The Biggest Threat: Always Inside


When Robertson asked Pompeo just what the biggest threat was, he replied that it wasn’t necessarily China.


“Look, the biggest threat is always going to be inside the United States,” Pompeo said. “If the GOP defaults, it will happen because we don’t defend our institutions like we are supposed to. However, by and large the largest foreign adversary is definitely the Chinese Communist Party. That is because they are atheistic in nature and they continue to set up policies that are reminiscent of the Soviet Union, Leninism, and Marxism in general. China has 1.4 billion people, a massive military, and they have a significant economy as well. That definitely makes them a tremendous existential threat, probably the biggest one we’ve had in decades.”


Of course, there were many outlets like the Daily Wire that honed in on Pompeo’s comments comparing China to Russia and the fact that he criticized one of Obama’s main policies, that of his “pivot to Asia”. However, many outlets missed the fact that Pompeo also had some very astute comments regarding the current domestic policies in the United States as well. He also demonstrated his astute wisdom when he insisted that the biggest threat will always be “within” the United States and not from an overseas adversary.


Spite: A Political Football


Secretary Pompeo also referred to the crisis at the border, noting that Mr. Robertson’s observation that Biden seems to want to undo everything that Trump did is dead-on.


“He’s moved pretty fast to undo an awful lot of things, and some of it just doesn’t make any sense,” Pompeo said. “It just comes across as spiteful.” Finally, Pompeo noted how the Biden-Harris team seems intent on continuing to push this country into socialism. He

said that the only way to stop this from happening would be through lots of prayers and through leaders with some backbone. He also said that there aren’t leaders of that stripe at the federal level. There are some at the state level, but he hopes that the ranks in the federal level will improve during the next election.


Finally, he said that we should continue to push back against the liberal agenda of government pushing into every corner of our lives. That is why he is personally against the HR1 law because it would allow the federal government to dictate election law to all 50 states.


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