• June 19, 2024

Sleepy Joe Just REVERSED Another Donald Trump Policy!

Looks like our Dear and Fearless Leader Joe Biden has bowed down to pressure from Deep State elites yet again. The White House (read: Palace) is working overtime to reverse a “deplorable” Donald Trump policy which made it easier for gig workers to make a living and stay in business as independent contractors. Needless to say, this new policy is not going to be a very good deal for these gig workers at all. In fact, many of them may just end up being unemployed. They will be subject to such things as health insurance, overtime benefits, and minimum wage requirements. That’s all well and good, but it will drive many of them out of business completely.

Making This Policy Null and Void

First, the Department of Labor announced that they are nullifying the Trump policy where “gig workers” such as freelance writers, Uber drivers, and others are classified as “independent contractors” such as employees.

This will make a huge difference, and it doesn’t matter what side of the argument you are on. First of all, liberal elites are demanding that everyone should make $15 per hour, no matter what their skill set or profession might be. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the economy can handle it or not.

According to Jessica Looman, Principal Deputy Administrator for this dictatorship’s Labor Department and their Wage and Hour Division, “We shouldn’t missclassify these employees as independent contractors because it is one of the most serious problems that face American workers today.”


According to Jessica Looman, principal deputy administrator for the Imperial Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division, “Misclassification of employees as independent contractors presents one of the most serious problems facing workers today.” She announced the policy shift Wednesday.

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that independent contractors on DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft are now just going to be classified as “employees” that should be “covered by such things as minimum-wage and overtime laws.” It does mean that getting the classification of an independent contractor will be a bit more difficult to acquire. One of the main problems and ulterior motives for these proposed new rules is simply because the government needs more taxes for funding the “Green New Deal.”

However, as soon as this policy takes into effect, about 90 percent of these individuals who are happily working as independent contractors without health benefits will have to quit this designation and file for unemployment and apply for Medicaid instead.

Here are some extreme examples:

Of course, the Biden dictatorship certainly wanted to cite some examples to justify this radical move. They said that one main example would have been that of a restaurant where there was a dishwasher that had been classified as an “independent contractor.” They also cited a group of home health aides as another glaring example. However, instead of letting these individuals go on their merry way, the Biden Administration wanted them classified as workers, and that now means that there are a lot more unemployed home health workers and dishwashers.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Looman will even come out and admit that this policy shift will have a tremendous effect on lower-wage workers, but it’s okay because it was designed to be that way, anyway. She wants these individuals to be “paid more so that they can be taxed more.” Of course, this plan is destined to collapse unless it is subsidized with tax money. However, not to worry, Looman said, because there is no reason for panicking just yet.

That is because she continues to claim that her announcement “shouldn’t by any means change how this department manages these app-based services.” Either way, she added, folks can rest assured that “the department continues to engage with these companies and several others regarding this new labor law enforcement.”

I have to admit it’s a very strange thing to see, but apparently, voters in California had a jolt of common sense, because they decided to exempt gig workers affiliated with DoorDash, Lyft, and Uber from these new tax plans.

What do you think about these new proposed tax laws and how they will simply turn the United States into more of a nanny state? Your comments would be appreciated!

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