• April 17, 2024

NEW Footage Reveals That Biden’s Gatekeeper May Have Totally Given Up…

Jen Psaki is just like his boss Joe Biden who couldn’t make any statements without accidentally putting her foot in her mouth. It seems like things are getting worst and worst inside the White House.

And just like her previous press conference, this time she did it twice in 12-seconds while talking to CNN.

There are three things that we can use to describe this, first, it’s both “Freudian Mishaps”, the other one is a Freudian slip, and the other is more like “accidentally telling the truth.”

And to be honest, they’re both “freak moments” that we need to talk about.

Joe Biden disastrous SOTU just ended, and as we know it didn’t go well considering Biden’s mess that he unexpectedly made since we’re already used to it. And of course, if there’s a mess there should be one person that needs to clean up and that’s Jen Psaki. No wonder she was always the one who acts Biden’s janitor, trying to wear a uniform but always ended up doing the same disastrous thing as Biden.

While she was on CNN Jen accidentally told the truth about how Putin only seems to pick times when Biden’s in the White House to pull these shenanigans.

She called it a “pattern of horror.”

Yes, we agree, but are you talking about Putin or Biden, or both?

Jen ended up answering her own question quite honestly in the next breath in a Freudian slip as she claimed that “pattern of horror” was from “this president,” meaning Joe.

She admitted it, and just like her previous messed up statements she quickly noticed what she did and worked quickly to correct herself.

And to be honest that 12-seconds is the most honest thing that Jen has said in her entire life and career. This only proved that no one can ever hold back the truth not even a skilled “spin doctor” like Jen.

We can also think that Jen might be throwing in the towel on being Joe’s “frontline defense”. That’s what it’s starting to look and feel like.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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