• July 24, 2024

What One Woman Found Out About Her Gynecologist Will Make Your Blood Run Cold…

After nine years of regular vaginal and breast examinations with her gynecologist, Morgan Hellquist slowly came to a distressing realization. The doctor whom she had trusted with countless examinations was, she suspected, her biological father.

36-year-old Hellquist is now suing Dr. Morris Wortman, a gynecologist from upstate New York in September last year for secretly fathering her by impregnating her mother with his sperm in the 1980s.

The Washington Post reported that Hellquist was conceived via artificial insemination. She was born in September 1985. Hellquist and her family thought a medical student was her father but during a doctor’s visit in April, she suspected the same doctor, Morris Wortman, who’s her gynecologist and who performed the insemination is also her father.

It was during this visit in April Wortman asked Hellquist to take her mask off, telling her she looked better without it. Then, he invited his wife into the room to distinguish any resemblance to him by looking at Hellquist’s features.

Wortman told Hellquist. At this moment during the April visit, she came to the realization he may have fathered her.

“You’re really a good kid, such a good kid.” 

According to a lawsuit against Wortman, she started to discover siblings in 2017. Hence, she later would suspect the doctor may have fathered at least six other children. Hence, she suspected Wortman was a serial sperm donor.

A DNA test conducted a month after her last doctor’s visit with Wortman would suggest he was her father.

The lawsuit against the Rochester doctor was filed on September 18, in which Hellquist claims she is the daughter of a woman who received fertility treatments from Dr. Wortman during the 1980s. Although her mother was told that the sperm donor was a medical student from the University of Rochester, the truth was otherwise. And the lawsuit claims that the doctor was aware that he was the baby girl’s father when she was born in 1985.

Unfortunately, Dr. Wortman will probably get away with his crime. The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office told the Associated Press that too much time had passed, so the doctor would probably never face criminal charges.

Representative Calli Marianetti explained to the Associated Press:

“While no victim has reached out yet, our appeals bureau did do some quick research, and it appears that in reference to what has been made publicly available, any criminal action is barred by the statute of limitations.”

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