• June 16, 2024

OUCH! Elon Musk Just Shredded A Lib Politician In Epic Fashion…

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has called out former presidential candidate Ralph Nader for spreading “fake news” about him. Nader claimed that Musk started Tesla using a “huge U.S. government welfare grant,” and that he is a “corporate welfare queen” who has taken taxpayers to the cleaners.

However, Musk disputed Nader’s claims, stating that nearly all the funding for Tesla came from the money he made on PayPal. Musk also explained that he personally provided most of the funding for Tesla, including the last money he had, which he gave to the company in 2008, at the risk of going bankrupt.

Musk has been on a rampage recently, attacking those who spread false information about him. He has accused the media of falsely reporting that he boosts his own tweets on Twitter. Musk clarified that he did not do so, as a review of his tweet likes and views over the past six months shows that he did not boost his tweets.

He explained that there was a bug that caused replies to have the same prominence as primary tweets, but it has been fixed. Musk provided an example of a tweet in which he joked about buying Coca-Cola, saying that despite having 40 million fewer followers back then, he had yet to come anywhere close to that tweet’s engagement levels.

Musk revealed a few months ago that he planned to step down as CEO of Twitter, following a poll that indicated a majority of users wanted him to leave. However, after jokingly posting a tweet about a dog running the company, he has seemingly had a change of heart.

Musk previously put up a Twitter poll in December, asking users if he should step down as the CEO, to which 57.5 percent of respondents voted for him to resign, and 42.5 percent wanted him to remain. After other Twitter users suggested that the results of the poll were swayed by deep-state bots, Musk reconsidered his decision and stated that he would keep his position.

Musk has also responded to suggestions from Twitter users, including one who proposed that only those with Twitter Blue checkmarks should be allowed to vote in policy-related polls, as they are paying customers. Musk praised the suggestion and stated that Twitter would make the change. This comes amid a backlash against Musk and Twitter after the platform announced that it would ban users from promoting their other social media accounts on other platforms.

Musk is now being praised for calling out false news about himself and for his resilience in the face of attacks from the media and critics. Musk’s success in funding Tesla through his personal wealth and PayPal profits, rather than relying on government grants, is also seen as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his success in the free market.

His willingness to engage with Twitter users and consider their suggestions, such as the idea to limit poll voting to Twitter Blue subscribers, is viewed as an example of his commitment to customer service and engagement.

Overall, Musk’s actions are seen as positive, and his ongoing leadership of Twitter is expected to be beneficial for the social media platform.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, The Daily Wire 




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