• April 15, 2024

Red State Makes Ultra-Patriotic Move That Will Make Your Heart Soar…

I don’t have to tell you about the battle going on in our public schools. In recent years, American parents have woken up to the fact that teachers’ unions are pushing far-left ideology onto their children. Worse than that, some states allow teachers to convince children they are “transgender” without telling their parents (even recommending and providing medical procedures).

Numerous Republican-led states have taken steps to protect the rights of parents and students. Democrats and the White House have raged over the fact that in red states, parents have more say over their children than the government. But one red state is going above and beyond to strike back at Soviet Democrats. With just these four words.

From Fox News:

A new law in Louisiana requires public schools to make sure “In God We Trust” has a place in their classrooms.

The law, HB 8, went into effect on Tuesday and requires public schools to display the national motto of the U.S. — “In God We Trust” — in every classroom of every building.

According to the new law, each public school system “shall display the national motto in each building it uses and classroom in each school under its jurisdiction.”

Woah. In the past, some states have fought to post the Ten Commandments in schools or government buildings. But Louisiana just pulled a fast one on the left by enacting a law that requires “In God We Trust” to be posted in every classroom in the state.

“In God We Trust” is, in fact, the national motto. It is in every courtroom and nearly every government building. It can hardly be seen as offensive; it’s even on our money!

But, I am sure there will be plenty of Democrats who complain about this move. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them will find ways to obscure the motto or prevent students from seeing it.

That would be a violation of state law, of course.

This is a simple motto and, honestly, impossible to offend. Even hardcore atheists need to get a grip. This motto isn’t pushing a particular religion, just stating a fact that has been true of countless Americans since the birth of our country.

Allowing schoolchildren to see it every day is not a bad thing. Now, if every other state follows…


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