• October 4, 2023

She Says She Is Allergic To Running And That She Has Proof…

In a world that prizes physical fitness, what happens when your body wages war against exercise itself, turning every run into a brush with death?

Imagine the mere act of running igniting an allergic reaction so severe it threatened your life. This is the shocking reality for Divz Mangat, a 27-year-old Canadian woman who insists that her body goes into revolt whenever she tries to exercise. Her remarkable claim stems from a recent life-threatening experience during a mad dash through an airport.

In anticipation of a tropical getaway, Mangat along with her sister, Dee Mangat, and a group of close friends boarded a plane from Canada to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. What was supposed to be the beginning of an exciting vacation quickly turned into a race against time as they found themselves late for their flight.

Desperate to catch their plane, the women broke into a run. But soon after, Divz’s body launched an unnerving protest. She began to break out in hives, a terrifying reaction as if her own body were at war with her attempts to run.

The escalating reaction was so grave that Divz had to deploy an EpiPen to halt the closure of her throat. This harrowing episode led her to suspect that she might be suffering from an unusual condition, exercise-induced anaphylaxis. This peculiar disorder triggers an allergic response to physical activity in affected individuals.

This bizarre predicament caught the attention of social media users after Dee chronicled the ordeal on TikTok. Suddenly, Divz found herself in the spotlight for her unique affliction. Following her unexpected fame, she was approached by Newsweek for an interview.

Divz explained her experiences in the interview saying, “For the past few months, every time I run or get stressed out, I’ve been breaking out in hives. I wasn’t sure if it was due to running or stress. But that day, I realized it 100 percent has to be due to me running and being stressed out.”

The viral TikTok video by Dee served as a gripping testament to the harrowing airport incident.

She revealed, “Our first flight was delayed, and we have a connecting flight … so we had to start running to the gate. This was when things started to get really bad. Divz has been having severe allergic reactions, but she doesn’t know what she’s allergic to. Once we got on the plane, she started breaking out into hives.”

The footage showed the sisters’ frenzied rush through the airport, followed by the intense scene on the plane where Divz had to self-administer the EpiPen to curb the extreme allergic reaction. Despite trying Benadryl initially, her condition was too severe to be mitigated by this over-the-counter medication.

Post this nerve-wracking incident, Divz is convinced that her body harbors an aversion to exercise.

In her own words, “The whole trip [in the DR], the girls were like, ‘Don’t run. Just walk where you have to go.’ I’m very cautious of not making my heart beat really fast. I’m just trying to be very calm and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

As Divz attempts to navigate a world designed for physical activity, her story serves as a sobering reminder of the complex interactions between our bodies and the environment and the need for individualized care and attention in health management.

Source: AWM

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