• April 20, 2024

REPORT: Hunter Biden Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Trump

Former President Donald Trump has recently come under fire from Hunter Biden’s attorneys for supposedly inciting violence among his followers.

In response to the allegations of cocaine found in the White House, Trump posted on social media that there was no doubt the cocaine belonged to Hunter and Joe Biden.

This prompted a cease and desist letter from Hunter Biden’s attorneys, demanding that Trump stop making public statements that might incite violence among his “easy-to-trigger” followers.

The letter comes after critics of the president’s son speculated that a bag of cocaine found inside the White House might belong to Hunter Biden.

“I am sending this letter to make a demand that your client, former President Donald Trump, cease and desist from making public statements about my client which are both defamatory and likely to incite Mr. Trump’s followers to take actions against Mr. Biden and which could lead to his or his family’s injury,” read the letter.

The letter went on to quote Trump’s posts on social media and what they referred to as “thinly veiled calls to action to his easy-to-trigger followers.”

The letter references multiple instances where Trump has incited violence or called for action against his enemies. It specifically mentions an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, as well as an incident where a Jan. 6 defendant was found with guns and ammunition in a van near the Obama residence after Trump posted their address on social media.

The attorneys also quote specific posts from Trump expressing anger that Hunter Biden wasn’t given a “death sentence” for charges related to tax crimes and lying on a gun license application.

These statements are misconstrued by many as what they consider to be thinly veiled calls to action which could lead to injury against Hunter or his family members if acted upon by any of his supporters.

Trump had responded previously on social media that there was no doubt the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden’s history is not without its own scandals obviously. He is known to have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, including fathering a child with a former stripper he met at Washington D.C strip bar – an issue which eventually resulted in him settling out of court with respect to child support payments while forbidding her from carrying the Biden surname publicly.

On Thursday law enforcement officials announced they had closed their investigation into who left the bag of cocaine at the White House since it was unlikely they would ever discover who did it – though this did not deter Trump from speculating both online and elsewhere about whom it belonged to.


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