• June 12, 2024

She Harassed A Trump Supporter Next To Her, And Karma Came Quick…

This video is one of my very favorites which is why I am not surprised that is making the rounds on the internet again.

It is an oldie, but so good for many reasons, so let’s revisit it together.

The stage is an airplane and our characters are one young Trump supporter, one beta male and an unhinged liberal woman.

Got it?


So, all three are on the plane about to head to Portland, Oregon to visit the liberal woman’s beta male family whose mother had just passed away.

The liberal woman looks over and notices a young Trump supporter who is wearing a Trump shirt.

Heaven forbid!

The liberal woman behind loses it upon seeing someone supporting the vile orange man, and begins to verbally berate him.

The young Trump supporter in turn calls the flight attendant over since the woman does not calm down.

While he’s complaining, this woman is continuing to abuse him and she demands the flight attendant move him to another seat.

The flight attendant refuses.

At that time., another male flight attendant appears and tells the woman she has to get off the plane.

That is when the argument escalates and the woman accuses the flight attendant of being “disrespectful” towards her and keeps bringing up her deceased mother-in-law.

The beta husband meekly asks if his wife pipes down, can they please stay?

The answer is a resounding, heck no.

Thankfully, the pilot had already made the call, and they have to go.

The wife refuses, she keeps pleading to stay, and during this time, she’s also verbally abusing the Trump supporter.

Finally, the cops show up and remove the couple from the plane.

As the couple is being removed from the plane, the passengers onboard erupt into cheers.

It’s absolutely a classic.

You can watch the video below:

I think this could be one of my very favorite video clips from the “Trump election time-frame.”

Nothing warms my heart more than to see liberals triggered over President Trump… and then to watch them get a dose of instant karma too.

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