• June 21, 2024

She’s A World Famous Model, But Her Latest Surgery Has Left Her Unrecognizable…

Former glamor model Katie Price has debuted her latest round of plastic surgery, with the British star looking completely unrecognisable during her latest outing.

The 43-year-old mother-of-five, who underwent an eye and brow lift worth $20k last February, unveiled her new look for a date night with her fiance Carl Woods in Essex, UK.

The relationship of Katie Price and plastic surgeries goes way back. The Celebrity Big Brother winner has been very candid and open about her cosmetic surgeries in the past.

Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis popularly known as Katie Price was born on May 2, 1978, in Brighton, East Sussex, England. She is a model by profession. She gained the attention of the viewers in the year 1996 for her glamour modeling work with frequent appearances on Page 3.

The star dropped her debut studio album A Whole New World in a collaboration with Peter Andre in 2006.

Price stepped into the world of modeling at a very young age. At first, she modeled for a clothing line at the age of 13. She changed her name to Katie Price when she was 17 years old. She is of Italian, Spanish, English, and Jewish descent. Her maternal grandmom was Jewish but she is not that religious.

Now, Katie is herself a mother to five kids. The names of her children are as follows: Harvey Price, 19, Princess, 14, and Junior Andre, 16, Bunny, 7, and Jett Hayler, 8.

If you take a look at the pictures of the model from her early modeling days and photos of her now, you wouldn’t be able to believe your eyes. You will be confused after looking at the pictures.

She said: “I’m not addicted, but if people want to say I’ve got body dysmorphia, just say it, even my mum says it, ‘You need to see somebody, you’re not normal in the head, are you?’ I said, ‘Mum, if you could have your face done again, you would, but you can’t because you’re terminally ill at the moment, you used to have Botox, this and that.’”

From breast enhancements and reductions to botched face lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks and traumatic corrective surgery, Katie Price has left no stone unturned in her body transformation.

She has had an endless list of procedures but first went under the knife in 1998 to boost herself to a 32C. She had another breast enlargement in 1999, when she was known as Jordan, going up to a 32D and then a year later a 32G.

After meeting her first husband, Peter Andre, she shrunk to a 32F in 2007 and then a 32D in 2008. She went back up again in 2012 to a 32F, and two years later down to 32B, removing the implants entirely after they had become infected.

In June 2016, the mom of five flew to a Brussels clinic to go under the knife yet again, later revealing she had settled on a 32GG bust.

She underwent her first facelift in July 2017, using a London-based plastic surgeon to lift up her “sagging” cheeks and “blurred” jawline in a £5,000 “invisible” procedure.

Back in May 2019, Katie flew to Turkey to get her second face lift, after admitting she found her body “disgusting”.

According to AWM:

Price suffered from a freak accident last year that left her with two broken feet. She wanted to recover from that accident and “transform” her life into something great because the accident had only left her feeling “frustrated.”

She explained: “I broke my feet last year, and before that, I used to go running to keep fit and ride the horses. I can never run again, so it changed my life. I was in a wheelchair for eight months. I had to learn to walk again. From being in a wheelchair, I’ve put on loads of weight, and I’m not used to that unless I’m pregnant. So I was getting frustrated. It wasn’t me. I hated it. My clothes didn’t fit.”

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