• April 13, 2024

Since Biden Took Office A Sick Trend Has Started In The Navy…

Joe Biden’s projections of a bright electoral future for the Democratic Party are becoming more senseless as the obstacles he faces worsen.  From burdened by a pandemic, skyrocketing gas prices, and spiking inflation. His popularity continues to decline, with more Americans opposed to him. And to add to growing anxiety in Joe Biden, even his fellow Dems opposed him now.

Biden’s weak leadership and lack of foreign policy strategy have crippled the United States’ power and influence on the world stage.

When Biden took office as the 46th US president not only did inflation has risen every month and high gas prices but also the number of desertions from the US Navy skyrocketed.

According to Task And Purpose:

One analyst referred to this information as “staggering” because it shows that more sailors left the Navy last year than did so this year.

157 servicemen left the Navy last year, compared to 98 in 2020 and 63 in 2019, claims a recent NBC report. Although Navy officials told NBC they were unable to explain the rise, they cited the “many different pressures” within the service. And over the past few months, a lot of stressors have been made public.

A report from Federal Times that Junior enlisted service members have been complaining about the lack of hot water and other problems in a barracks building on the Maryland Navy base that houses the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for at least a few months.

Navy Times first reported on Feb. 4 that junior sailors and soldiers had been going without adequate hot water for years and has also dealt with other issues, including no air conditioning and doors that wouldn’t lock, at Sanctuary and Comfort halls, barracks that house many of the enlisted troops who work at Walter Reed.

Military.com reported that five sailors assigned to an aircraft carrier that was constantly under construction committed suicide over the course of ten months.

The Biden administration has increased its focus on new initiatives to advance critical racial theory and gender ideology within the Navy as a result of the effects of a mental health crisis and a desertion spree.

In June, the Navy branch received a video on using the appropriate progressive gender pronouns. Biden’s one of the shameful things he did.

No wonder Biden suffered the fastest collapse in public approval of any president in modern history. When he took office, he had almost 56 percent approval and was 20 points above water.

Today, he’s more than 10 points underwater. That’s a 30-point swing in less than a year. No recent president has fallen from grace so far, so fast, so early in his presidency.

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